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  1. hahahah yes! she is in Texas. That girl gets no rest. Sleep is afraid of her Missed you too!! I'm on here lurking for the most part. Been busy with work and my IG fan acc.
  2. Posted by the team page on IG and Twitter. Also a picture with a fan. *THESE ARE NOT AI GENERATED!!!-
  3. there's another video on tiktok and you can hear everything loud and clear.
  4. Label budgeting is so idiotic. They are only willing to do 2-4 minute videos because of TikTok. It's the same reason mainstream pop artists make 3 minute songs. Lana is right, nowadays most people only have the attention span of like one minute.
  5. I am totally with you and I must admit, I often get upset. That's why I just disengage when I see people being entitled or disrespectful.
  6. okay serious answer here: Following the TikTok boom, labels are no longer giving money or budgeting for music videos because they see YouTube and videos as a dead format that doesn't generate revenue or adequate promotion for the artist or them.. Clearly Lana is an artist that appreciates the visuals and views them as complementary to the overall narrative which is probably why she makes home videos the most- considering they probably don't even allocate budget for professional MV. My guess is that she really wants to prove them wrong and also potentially push them for MV budget allocation for the future.
  7. I've said this time and time again. With lana nothing is a coincidence, every single thing she does/says is with intention and I love that. People are hating on the cover too btw and it's such a shame because her rendition is absolutely beautiful.
  8. yep and I think that was also the intention with her covering stand by your man at the recent shows. I think she felt more compelled to speak to her rather than him. I think that's powerful.
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