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  1. Agreed. I've been saying this for a while but i think it would be smart for Lana and her team to put their focus back on the UK & Europe again. The US has always been very hostile to her.
  2. Think the cover pic is an unpublished pic from the Q magazine shoot by one of her tour guys Cody Osbourne in 2019. From the pink sweater set to be exact
  3. I am actually very excited to read this. Should be quite an interesting insight.
  4. Just wanted to say i hope nobody actually believes Blackout Zone when he says LMLYLAW is a UV outtake i've seen a few Lana news accounts post it as fact
  5. Why does she keep setting herself up bring back Stella I know she would have prevented all of this
  6. Rick worked on literally every song on LFL as a writer and producer. That being said he snapped on multiple other lana albums
  7. people are really dragging her for posting pics of protestors "faces" when THEY'RE ALL WEARING MASKS. Whats not clicking. If cops wanted to find faces all they'd have to do is check twitter cus i've seen hundreds over the last couple of days. Literally search getty images and there's thousands of pics of protestors faces.....these people hating on Lana's post must have worms in their brains like honestly
  8. maybe queen will shift her focus from the US back to Europe like she did in 2012-14 because of all the negative american media attention
  9. I'm sorry but it’s really pissing me off that Lana has said nothing in support of George Floyd/the black lives matter movement. I used to take her silence on important political issues as just part of Lana’s image/persona, but now since she has had no issue speaking out about things that effect HER, whether it be Trump in 2016 or her most recent “question for the culture”, there is really no excuse for remaining selectively silent. Idk I’m just feeling really disappointed with Lana at the moment. Her behaviour is screaming white feminist and I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt with the *questionable* IG posts but her silence on the George Floyd murder is even more problematic and indefensible to me.
  10. Can you share? I didnt get to see what she said
  11. So does a persons technical ability determine whether they should be slut shamed for pole dancing? The hypocrisy is real. You’re now trying to say Lana’s comments about Twigs weren’t justified because Twigs is a trained dancer - thus implying that the fact Lana was deemed a whore for doing it is somewhat justifiable? These are the same people that will say sex work and pole dancing shouldn’t be slut shamed and it should be seen as an empowering thing - but obviously only when the person that does it is someone you support right? The point Lana has been making is extremely clear and it’s about the way people perceive her music/art compared to how her contemporaries art is viewed by FEMINIST WRITERS/FEMALE ALT SINGERS. Obviously each of these artists face their own criticisms but what Lana is talking about is how their songs about feeling sexually empowered are received differently to how Lana’s are by female writers. It’s really not that hard to understand. I really don’t understand how you can make this about race when Lana has not criticised any of the music of the artists she mentioned and rather how it is perceived by the media. Lana has been making songs about the same topics (sex, taking off clothes and cheating) for longer than most of the artists she mentioned in that list. The only issue I can understand people taking issue with is the fact Lana seemed to not have an appreciation for the plight they go through as WOC, and maybe that is a sidenote she should have mentioned, but she was talking about one specific aspect of how their music is perceived compared to hers, not about the criticism they face as a whole.
  12. Fuck ariana grande btw - im pretty sure thats who she was talking about in the IG video
  13. Yeah i think that was a stupid move for her. I am sure she sent it to someone before posting it. I'm mad that Ben/Ed or someone from her team didn't make her rephrase the first part. It's an album announcement with a release date so I'm pretty sure someone would have had to know she was posting that.
  14. I feel like the reason this is getting a lot of backlash is because a lot of stan twitter etc today are too young and were not around in 2012/12 maybe even 2014 when Lana was getting absolutely fucking hounded by the media. It was really quite unusual and unprecedented. I don't think Ive ever seen such a vicious response to an artist since it happened to Lana. You might say that these other artists have faced criticism as well but it was nowhere near the amount Lana faced by literal mainstream publications back in the day. There was a site called Hipster Runoff which was really quite popular in the music world which literally changed its name to Lana Del Report and spent most of its time making fun of her appearance, her persona, her music, trying to completely destroy the poor girl. And let's not forget the reviews of Born to Die from pitchfork etc. I think Lana probably has trauma from 2011/12 which she has been dealing with for a few years and that's what we're seeing in that instagram post. And btw idk how you can even attempt to make it about race, Lana mentioned those artists because they are the most popular female artists at the moment, not because they are POC. I swear to god the lack of intelligence I see baffles me.
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