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  1. Starting to get the sense that the academy dislikes Lana rather than loving the other nominees… like if you remove boygenius from the categories I still think they would have given the Grammys to anyone other than Lana :/
  2. If Lana would just go back on SNL and perform like she usually does these days then she would prove all those people wrong! Imagine an Unchained Melody type performance but live on SNL… oh wow
  3. Not to be a bitch but she has no chance at winnging anything other than maybe alt music performance. Would not be surprised if she didnt win any tho unfortunately. Boygenius have been campaigning super hard (i do not get their hype AT ALL)
  4. Some in higher quality and uncropped
  5. Linking some pics available in higher quality from Vogue's article and Kim Kardashians twitter
  6. On October 23rd, 2023, Lana Del Rey was photographed by Collier Schorr in Los Angeles, California for Harper's Bazaar December 2023/January 2024 Art Issue. Behind the Scenes:
  7. boygenius is doing a lot of promo... lana needs to do some campaigning for a grammy
  8. This has me irritated. It seems she has a problem with the movie cus it’s weird she wouldn’t at least give them an old scrapped song or even just attend the premiere? But she has time to sign that letter supporting Israel? Girl. She is her own worst enemy.
  9. Oh that’s not- its totally valid to criticise Israel as a state/government but let’s be careful not to generalise Jews
  10. Lana has never been well informed on a single political topic ever so this is really not as bad as it could have been, honestly i was expecting worse like an instagram post in support of Israel or organising a concert. I wish she would just be like Taylor Swift and never comment on anything political ever
  11. Yall are overeacting, ur lucky she didnt announce a last minute concert in Israel with the hope to unify the Israeli and Palestinian people and stop the war
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