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  1. The instrumental sounds so basic 😭 It could be a Lana Del Rey type beat you’d find on YouTube or Soundcloud
  2. is that Colton Haynes... 3rd guy from the right?
  3. That’s because she is the worst photographer known to man
  4. I agree with this especially for her own concerts/tours but she should also be mindful about the audience at festivals in particular. She obviously should care whether the audience enjoys the show.
  5. You know what... Ive been thinking about it and Bartender + Interlude, Hope is a dangerous thing, Arcadia and the extended version of Candy Necklace really have no place in a FESTIVAL set list - especially one as big as coachella. Most people in the audience arent stans and wont know those songs... all they do is take up a lot of time and kill any momentum. I dont know what the hell shes thinking. To shorten West Coast to less than half the song (the majority of which she didnt even sing) and then spend ages singing Bartender makes absolutely no sense.There are many other bigger songs such as Blue Jeans, National Anthem, Brooklyn Baby, Shades of Cool, Venice Bitch and Thunder (to name a few) that would fit better and that general festival goers might actually enjoy. I still think venice bitch with the fireworks is the perfect closer and I have no idea why she scrapped it
  6. The Grammys not including Lana in their Coachella post is insane she's literally the headliner https://www.instagram.com/p/C5t1OthR2_I/?igsh=MW1mbXc1cTRzeGtwMQ==
  7. Where is this pic from!!! It’s everything https://x.com/ldraddic/status/1779201457452994830?s=46&t=DDUYZfIQcqXEQOce1cx47g
  8. I was surprised she came out to Gangsta by Kehlani considering she really came for Lana around QFTC and the looting vids. Even more surprised at Kehlani commenting on tik tok that Lana invited her to perform with her at coachella but she “couldn’t make it”
  9. Damn the Guardian really dragged her for no good reason? Sounds like it was written by someone who hated Lana before even watching the show. Maybe still thinks she’s a Zionist or whatever. Honestly her vocals were good and she looked stunning. Her vocals were especially strong on the Ocean Blvd songs. I don’t get why people are complaining about her vocals when this is exactly how she’s performed at all those festivals in 2023 too. My only issues are the set list and over reliance on playback vocals and the audience. But other than that I thought it was really great.
  10. I feel like its gonna be a 2019 Hollywood Bowl type performance where she brings out a lot of collaborators She will 10000000% definitely do Margaret with Jack, and probably Let the Light In with JFM and SOTB with Taylor Swift At coachella 2014 she debuted west coast so i would say its pretty likely she could debut a song from lasso
  11. The way Coachella keep using official footage from her 2014 show in their promos but it was never publicly released...
  12. Unknown

    Ice Cream

    the lyrics are real babes
  13. the studio in Sydney was Studios 301 and she recorded Burning Desire there. Idk what the other 2 songs were https://studios301.com/releases/burning-desire/
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