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  1. This has probably all been said before but i was randomly rewatching the candy necklace music video and in the final scene it all clicked into place for me, that the point of the video Is the irony of not getting the thing you want most and have worked so hard for during life and only receiving it after death. The women from which Lana takes inspiration from for the video desperately wanted something during life (validation/fame/acclaim) but only received it after their tragic untimely deaths. The Black Dahlia was a budding actress who wanted to be a star and in a cruel twist only received fame after her violent murder, while Marilyn Monroe wanted to elevate her image, to be taken more seriously as an actress and now after death is revered as a Hollywood legend. Its about the irony of not getting the thing you want during life but receiving such recognition posthumously. Towards the end of the video it all builds up to this moment where there’s a bloody body in a trunk in the back of the car (presumably Lana’s), before it cuts to a shot of Lana getting her star on the Hollywood walk of fame while people cheer. I never understood this last shot and how it relates to the rest of the video but I think this ties in to the many times Lana has said over her career that she wants to be appreciated and respected first and foremost as a songwriter, and to find a community of like minded musicians. She felt harshly and unfairly criticised by critics and rejected by the music industry at large in the aftermath of her debut and SNL performance. The toxicity and scrutiny of the debate around Lana Del Rey and her image/persona has lasted for over a decade, impacted the way people perceived the music and clearly took a toll on her mental health. She has also made comments (although I cant find them now) about how she felt rejected by New York and that she would only be appreciated there after her death. This makes me think that the ultimate point of the video is a commentary on how Lana believes that after her death she will be appreciated by the public and her work to finally be recognised how she wanted it to be received. I also think the necklaces in the video represent metaphorical shackles on the confinements of fame or the box in which she was placed by the media/music industry over the years, as well as the mental burden that goes along with the controversy/discourse which unfolded around her - all of which she is finally freed from upon death.
  2. I dont have a date for madly but Pink champagne file is 23rd October 2013
  3. Um we literally already have a version that was produced by someone other than Rick Nowels... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsdmRcui_4Q
  4. The hate on Taylor for maximising her sales/streaming etc... maybe you are too young or have too short memories to remember when miss Lana was doing everything she could to get Lust For Life to number 1 (yes even at the expensive of POC artists like Tyler the creator who by the way was actively tweeting how close he was to number 1 and for his fans to try and out stream Lana). Not that anyone should give a shit. It's normal and natural to be competitive and want accolades.
  5. The shaming of Taylor for being a smart business woman... It's giving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqAJLh9wuZ0
  6. Direct links to the Lana pics in higher res
  7. STINT was working for Rick at the time (2013-2015 i think) so it was still a rick version but with some additional production by STINT (the drums mostly)
  8. if i was james ford i would be MADDDDD as hell... his version went viral on tik tok, got millions of streams for which he didnt receive a penny because lana/her label refused to release it... then a year later they release a different version by another producer for which james also wont receive a penny...
  9. its been 84 years... i would have rather never known this was coming
  10. Pink champagne and madly are from the same session/producer
  11. This is interesting, I just watched the rest of his interview where he talks about Lana. Apparently the American Music Awards wanted him and Lana to open the show with a performance of Summertime Sadness on top of the tallest building in LA with an orchestra but she turned it down, she also turned down appearing at coachella with him. He also said that she blocked the release/radio promotion of his Young and Beautiful remix because it was on track to do even better than the summertime sadness remix but she didn't want that level of attenion and success. This makes sense with comments Lana made in her 2017 Complex interview where she said she didn't like that she had no involvement with the production of what is statistically her biggest hit and that she didn't want all the attention that came with a big hit song. Mind you this was happening in 2013 when Lana was peak depressed and recording Ultraviolence
  12. I like the video, the concept is really cool and she looks AMAZING... but if I could have it my way I would have the first half of the video be only professionally shot footage giving us a story and then half way through it panned out to reveal everything was on a set and then have the rest of the video as BTS footage. Something along the lines of Doin Time when it reveals that giant Lana is actually a movie being watched or like this scene in Blonde:
  13. Ocean Blvd White Dress Chemtrails Over The Country Club Wild At Heart Dark But Just A Game A&W Candy Necklace Fingertips Kintsugi Wanderlust Paris Texas Grandfather Let The Light In Margaret Deluxe 15. Peppers 16. Taco Truck (manifesting the existence of a full version) 17. Venice Bitch (original demo version) And Blue Banisters remains as some scrapped voice memos in lanas iphone as it deserves
  14. Cherry blossom, NOTG and living legend are cute for unreleased demos but NOT for release on an album... they should have at least been properly mixed or reworked. And despite the fact these 3 songs desperately needed reworked, she chose THUNDER which didnt even need it. Furthermore, she could have at least re-recorded the vocals for Thunder so there wouldn't be audible mic bleed from the original demo (which actually had superior production??). Overall the album features some of her worst vocal performances - so many off key and off beat moments on songs like Arcadia. The mixing on the album as a whole is appalling. Textbook , Black Bathing Suit and Wildflower Wildfire also feature dreadful percussion which totally ruin any vibe the songs had going for them. I have so many issues with Blue Banisters - definitely my LEAST favourite album Lana has ever released by a mile. I appreciate she was going for an imperfect, messier, more experimental sound but still... Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd achieved the same vibe but a million times better.
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