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  1. The End of Love (the chorus and bridge are heavenly), Caught, No Light No Light, South London Forever
  2. I loved color theory
  3. It's the one I'm most excited for only (approximately) 64 days left
  4. Wonder what she's gonna sing on her pseudo tour. Probably all BTD songs and Bartender or Cherry
  5. I like COCC but I just feel like TJF is going to be THAT BITCH
  6. I think lfl with Love, Lust for Life and White Mustang. Oh well dt and filly TG too
  7. I wanted to know about the record and why Dealer is not in it. The last thing I wanted to hear was an interview about US politics
  8. Someone mentioned it earlier but she could've just renamed Dealer. Let's pray it's just that
  9. I would have immediately liked the cover if it included a shirtless Charlie. But oh well. Still it has quickly grown on me
  10. So we've heard LMLYLAW, FF and BUS. Tomorrow we'll have COCC. So technically only 7 new songs
  11. OMG THIS IS GOLD. Lana Boards 2021 highlight for sure and we're only 10 days IN
  12. Also manifesting a double album. COCC and WHF (with Dealer obvs)
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