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  1. CAN WE JUST LET THIS THREAD STAY DEAD go appreciate Lana's ass somewhere else
  2. Top God tier trinity Honourable Mention trinity Center-average tier Good songs I don't always vibe with tier Honeymoon Terrence Loves You Music To Watch Boys To High by the Beach Swan Song God Knows I Tried The Blackest Day Salvatore 24 Freak Art Deco Burnt Norton Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Religion
  3. I always took 'white lines' as a play on 'white lies'
  4. NOTG has the perfect ending 'once I found my way but now I am lost' It's meant to end abruptly because it conveys the message of the last line and the song as a whole, it's not supposed to give closure.
  5. If you want to find the right blush or lip colour just turn over your bottom lip and see the colour of the inside of your mouth. You don't need to be studying your nipples
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