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  1. oh no that's literally such a good performance why does she have to make fun of it
  2. I wanna listen to the album so bad but I’m gonna wait until the 22nd unless I find a CD out when I’m shopping Also did Interscope allow the cds to be put out or was it accidental
  3. So the whole album leaked surprised it didn’t happen sooner tbh but anyways back cd cover looks amazing but Im gonna wait until the 22nd
  4. Jaeden xx


    The album is so good
  5. I wonder if Lana will release a MV soon we will just have to wait for the scat attack it’s already on that site I wonder how long it will take to reach this thread
  6. my first time back here in awhile its so chaotic me love also I wonder if adele will buy any blue banisters merch...
  7. Jaeden xx


    to hell with it 1. Pain 2. I Must Apologise 3. Last Valentines 4. Passion 5. Just For Me 6. Noticed I Cried 7. Reason 8. All My Friends Know 9. Nineteen 10. Break It Off 19 minute runtime Release under parlophone records Album out October 15th cover art and tracklist on apple music hoping for a physical release
  8. Jaeden xx


    she needs to give us the E.P/Mixtape cover art or name
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