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  1. The Honeymoon erasure from the Music section on the main page...... disgusting!!!!!
  2. Washing my hair, doing the laundry Late night TV, I want you on me She says 'Late night TV, why won't you hold me?' in my mind and you can't change that! Like when we were kids under chemtrails and country clubs Ugh this part is so beautiful i'm so excited for the whole album especially TJF
  3. hoping for an Apple Music-Zane Lowe moment soon to save it! in the meantime I will be dancing
  4. HMV coveroutsold! https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/chemtrails-over-the-country-club-hmv-exclusive-red
  5. not the leaks, we're so close huns! hold on. I wonder if only the good sis eclipse had access to the video early cuz... regardless so excited!
  6. the fancams, the comment, the cover... this era is gonna be iconic I can feel it
  7. everyone hold the criticism till she releases the song I can't wait any longer
  8. UO cover and extra tracks coming to slay! hold faith girlies
  9. I not sure miss LB can handle the imminent collapse that will occur tomorrow...... can't believe we're nearly here!
  10. snake

    Charli XCX

    justice for the Jam City collab
  11. ugh I could only wish for a studio version, I actually like the live one she did 2012 but feel like a lot of others don't. the start makes me want a cover of Toms diner v excited for this project.
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