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  1. all I can see is the dancers running between the stage
  2. snake

    Kim Petras

    Seems David Guetta played their collab/track over the weekend. He has been all samples lately but I like it here
  3. Tulsa Jesus Freak instrumental being the background music, I know that's right
  4. begging to hear TT x VB in full. replaying the snippets over and over is tiring at this point
  5. Hopefully they boost her up in Dolby Atmos or whatever. I wished she didn't mention the feature, the surprise would have been nicer. I still like the song though
  6. snake

    Ava Max

    the album is great honestly but maybe it’s the file i have but the title sounds like it’s sung through a fan
  7. snake

    Kim Petras

    shame on me still remains one of her best
  8. snake

    Kim Petras

    what ever happened to somber too?
  9. snake

    Kim Petras

    hopefully/maybes she’s just doing a valentine’s day sex/mixtape and the album has the good songs
  10. snake

    Charli XCX

    I'm still waiting for justice for the jam city collab
  11. does anyone else's Apple Music says its expected 21st March? Guess it's just an error or I hope so. can't wait for the official release, my alt cover red vinyl is coming tomorrow too!
  12. it weirdly plays on Apple Music, like the song doesn't start, but it doesn't immediately skip off the track when U hit play and no others do that(hopefully not just my phone). I believe its coming delulu's!
  13. snake


    Annie Mac played it's okay to cry on BBCR1 today and I think she described SOPHIE music how I felt about it too, she said it was very 3D and like a sculpture. I truly think SOPHIE brought so much texture to everything she made, and discovering her music in a time most pop/music I had previously heard felt bland ,the sounds she used were always so captivating and I think that's what solidifies her as a visionary for me. She gave music such a new dimension.
  14. snake


    I saw these two floating around on twitter, an apple music and spotify one. Just released stuff. SOPHIE’s music and impact truly touched a lot further than it seemed. So sad an icon was lost such a huge part of all of our lives. RIP https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4jujzM4Ea9yCgNvynO96Jh?si=TCINyathTeaW869MMNDnNQ https://music.apple.com/gb/playlist/sophie-entire-released-production-writing-discography/pl.u-6mo40WZiBZWo4Y
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