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  1. FkaTwinks

    Charli XCX

    Charli wrote/sang the demo that became Pretty Girls, but she isn't credited since the lyrics were changed She also wrote a handful of unused demos for Britney Jean and Glory, incl. Pop the Balloons, Secret (Shh), Bubble Pop, Hard To Love.
  2. FkaTwinks

    Ayesha Erotica

    Lil Bimbo and Come On are so good. I hope Delicious is scrapped
  3. Ayesha Erotica - horny.4u (2024) (prioritizing vibes over accuracy/realism) h.4u (feat. That Kid) hotdog hooker lil bimbo handjob (feat. Baku) all around the world superpuss i wanna fuck we can do it! iconic anal queen cum c my tits vacation bible school how great is our god? DELUXE sexy party control star coffee cake gigabowser (feat. Yvncc)
  4. FkaTwinks

    Charli XCX

    I mean.....Charli's disagreement with Rina is not justified, and Rina has every right to be frustrated that her music's owned by an alleged racist. Picking the record label's side in the masters discussion is weirdo behavior, and idk how much of that is genuine, or bitter projection because of Charli's boyfriend being tight with Matty. And then in the same breath, it talks about her returning to her shitty label... because of her masters. Which she immediately gets defensive over, because she knows it's hypocritical and that it's also pathetic to see her make that choice after years of dissing that label.
  5. FkaTwinks

    Charli XCX

    I haven't been paying attention to this era.. has she been delivering a 2010-13 Tumblr throwback to justify the True Romance aesthetics, or is she doing same-old 'I'm a bad girl' 2-minute hyperpop songs with new packaging?
  6. FkaTwinks

    Melanie Martinez

    She seriously needs to get over the photo shit, its been 7 years, surely she has more to be upset about than fans asking for photos at the Cry Baby Tour
  7. FkaTwinks

    Melanie Martinez

    it's giving when people raised concerns that the Cry Baby era spent a little too much time sexualizing its preschool-aged characters and being inappropriate with its subject matter (which is even more true after K-12 and songs like "Wheels on the Bus"), and Melanie's response was a salty post like "you just don't GET it"
  8. FkaTwinks

    Melanie Martinez

    "art with substance" > nearly plot-less K-12 film > NFTs of "edgy" versions of old toys > stolen artwork merch > awful green-screened "M&G" photos > tacky half-baked songs like Moon Cycle coming out while decent songs like Needle & Thread fall to the wayside
  9. FkaTwinks

    Taylor Swift

    Maybe, seeing as how Slut! is literally (in part) about Directioners bashing her But she did say that she always wanted Is It Over Now? to be the closing track on 1989, describing it as a "tough choice" to scrap it
  10. FkaTwinks

    Taylor Swift

    people who trollpost on dbree deserve to have their kneecaps busted
  11. FkaTwinks


    the universe saw the blurry 80s motif and thought she was Slayyyter
  12. FkaTwinks

    Charli XCX

    to reiterate and better explain my thoughts with Sam Smith yesterday... people should be entitled to their opinions! 99% of the "hate" Charli was on the verge of tears over was essentially "can we have a solo version too?" lmfao. It's not that serious. Anyone going "oh you guys should be embarrassed" reeks of hypocrisy and idol worship, cus I'm damn sure you've also wished for a solo version of a song or written publicly about an aspect of a song you didn't like. just because Charli's upset does not mean that negative takes are invalid, or that they warrant embarrassment. stop ass-kissing
  13. FkaTwinks

    Charli XCX

    if a better version didn't exist, we wouldn't have literally heard it in that dj set I swear you guys are trying to pull some sort of elaborate gaslighting
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