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  1. I think I like the simplicity. I think it could use some drums and that'll turn it up. Jinx and Gravitate have good start in my opinion. I hope we do get a finished version of both.
  2. Jinx is so good. "I guess I never really love me. Maybe it's within the stars. Maybe it was a random. Loneliness between us both. Seeing em working in tandem." And Death "Don't tell me that you're goin far away like that. I thought the distance was a string that would lead us back." Gravitate is cute. "Is there anything youuu, gravitate to!" Garden's hook is so good. Fingers Crossed infidelity's tune! Mother of Pearl rap is cute.
  3. LOL I think, even though I know many of Lana songs (especially in the recent years) are about different men. It seems like her taste for the guy who acts like he's good but actually isn't, and is kind of a snake (even to his friends) is a running theme. So I just auto thought it was meant to be an insult lol. I agree more context would be so great for the storyline. But I respect her privacy and acceptance of interpretation.
  4. Very true! There can be more than one! I wasn't trying to say yours was wrong. I always looked at it as, the other men she met were okay and his friends but they only turned around and stabbed her guy in the back, and now that she understands who he is, she can see why they did it. He's no good. So of course he'd do the same thing to her. Yours makes more sense though.
  5. ?? I think I read these lyrics differently. LOL I hear them so negatively about the guy she's singing to.
  6. I AGREE with these specific review points. BBS is all her combined. No complains. 6. I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of. Yes. OOW. Overall a great Lana experience.
  7. I actually hear a bit of ALL her albums in this one. Even her unreleased.
  8. Too much Kane. Would have been better if all Lana.
  9. I love this album a lot. The first in a while for me. I don't like Dealer. Also BTD/Paradise is still her best.
  10. I was just going to comment about this! I love that little difference. It shows her desire without forcing him.
  11. Wow. I havent commented on this site in forever. But I've been waiting for this song for so long. And it's everything I wanted and expected from this song. LOVE IT. WDBCF POWER!
  12. I like the coughs in Nurse's Office. I really love the album. The only song that's weak is Drama Club to me. I never really loved it. It's okay. Best:Teacher's Pet>Wheels on the Bus>Highschool Sweethearts>Orange Juice>Detention>Lunchbox Friends
  13. The quality is horrible. But the song I really like.
  14. I think it's the album she wants. She knows what albums of hers the majority treasures and this sound ISN'T it. This sounds nothing like BTD or UV and those are the favorites most of her fans love (so if she really cared about our opinions she would go towards that sound).
  15. SarcasticBeauty


    I've been listening to this album nonstop. It really did grow. I listen to Contaminated and Stroke the most.
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