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  1. Caught You Boy sounds cuter. I can't stand Delicious' chorus.
  2. Not to be that person. The writing is a bit weaker than usual. HOWEVER, the messages are beautiful and so are most of the sounds. Son of Nyx is so beautiful.
  3. SarcasticBeauty


    I need Invisible Ink NOW. Need it.
  4. Unfortunately all the ones on Youtube are pitched to hell. BUT, in this playlist it's not.
  5. It's dumb dumb and dum dum. But it's a play on the words because a Dum Dum is an American sucker/lolipop brand. And in classic American slang a "sucker" is someone who is stupid/gullible. We also call people who are stupid dum dums because of the lolipop. So the phrase technically can be used both ways.
  6. SarcasticBeauty


    I think Gravel would be in the same place you put Girls Up. Just because she mentions it in the lyric. But I could be wrong because artist mention past lyrics/songs all the time.
  7. SarcasticBeauty


    Gravel lyrics @american-whore CORRECTIONS FOR PROOF Proof lyrics Shadow lyric correction second verse Hand you the ball I was feeling good, BEFORE the way I handled it You drifted off And you would sail away Best friend correction Told me to mean what I say You're not my friend anymore Don't even mean what you say Why you standin' there, begging me for MORE? There were exceptions with that, you told me you did it just to fit in Dog I'm like a POET/BULLET Water Asked me for PURIFICATION to get you baptized And I WONT lose myself for you And even though I'm tempted to Don't trust myself alone with you
  8. SarcasticBeauty


    Fixed it for ya! That "Yet not" could also be "you're not" Which could go with the fact that the next line is that the person used to tell her to mean what she says, so she fumbled because she never means what she says clearly.
  9. SarcasticBeauty


    No because when I first heard the song the gasp I released when the wife lyric came up. But anyone, the song is so good. She put her all into it.
  10. Television Heaven and Tv in Black in White and Dream Girl Butterflies 1 and 2 obviously Go Go Dancer and Party Girl (St. Tropez) Is this Happiness and Flipside This made me listen to these all again and walk down memory lane of this sound and I'm sad now.
  11. Playground. Rap Lana is underrated.
  12. Don't wanna be alone anymore! I'm a mess! I'm a mess! But I'll clean my mess for you!
  14. Noir doesnt get the love it deserves. Damn You, Live or Die v2, Lift Your Eyes, Children of a Bad Revolution What's a Girl To Do got paid DUST when it leaked.
  15. IT DESERVED SO MUCH. WOULD HAVE BEEN A HITTTTT. Along with White Dior. Tiktok would have ATE IT UP (unfortunate and good at the same time).
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