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  1. Something about the vocals and the sounds just didn't match to me? Something was missing for it to actually sound good put together. HOWEVER, it's just my opinion. This album wasn't for me. But it's for others. This is fine!
  2. This is all how I felt. Finneas PRODUCED. This was soundwise really great. Vocally (she did have some highs it just didn't hit for me and that's okay) and lyrically it was just boring. I didn't really like most of it. I like three or four songs.
  3. This song is so fun!
  4. This is a beautiful and wonderful album. Especially for black americans. People who didn't like it, if you look within I think you know why you didn't like it.
  5. SarcasticBeauty


    I enjoyed the album. I think it has some song for everybody. Pop a little bit of her old rock-ish sound, along with the reggaeton as well. The songs with her sons is so cute.
  6. SarcasticBeauty

    Taylor Swift

    one japanese edition vs 10 regular is kind of crazy. That's all. It's a realistic complaint is all I'm saying. But I mean its not changing, so I guess it doesn't really matter. Still annoying though.
  7. SarcasticBeauty

    Taylor Swift

    ITs not the fact that people don't want a new song. It's the fact that they're not going to streamers because they want to sell a record so bad. It's annoying. The songs are nice to have but it's not that easy to get them. Nobody wants to do all that digging. Anyway, I hope this album is good.
  8. I agree with ALL of these. Supernatural is really good. The Boy is Mine is a SNOOZE. I think the album sounds a lot different from the forever21 music Yes And was. And I'm thankful. It is a LOT slower than expected and I feel like she's missing her range? Which was an interesting route. But its chill and nice. I think it's a smooth transition album.
  9. SarcasticBeauty

    Taylor Swift

    I'm not trying to be... that person. But having this many variation of the same album with one extra song is so annoying and such a money grab. girl you're a billionaire. This is ridiculous.
  10. SarcasticBeauty


    They're new album sounds too much like Hayley's solo work to me and while it's listenable and I do care for it. I don't love it.
  11. Live or Die v2 1949 acapella Diet Mt. Dew Demo Hit and Run v2
  12. Caught You Boy sounds cuter. I can't stand Delicious' chorus.
  13. Not to be that person. The writing is a bit weaker than usual. HOWEVER, the messages are beautiful and so are most of the sounds. Son of Nyx is so beautiful.
  14. SarcasticBeauty


    I need Invisible Ink NOW. Need it.
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