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  1. This is going to get me a lot of hate but I just want to say it. I love Lana. She'll always get a top priority listen for me. But for me, she's just gotten more and more slow boring. Many of her melodies have no actual musical to them anymore. It's like she's writing poetry and just singing it. Lyrically, its great. But melodically... its a run on. With that being said, I enjoyed the album but I don't love it. I think the latter half (other than the jimmy jimmy cocoa puff part of A&W) has the better sound. Strongs of the album to me were: Fishtail, Taco Truckx VB, Let the Light in, Paris, Texis, Peppers Like this is the same lady who gave us Never Let Me Go, Queen of Disaster, Ridin, JFK, Live or Die, Caught You Boy, Heavy Hitter and these are just random songs I'm naming. I just wish she would experiment more again. Anyway, I do like the album. It's more personal and the as I've said before, the lyrics are haunting, beautiful, and meaningful.
  2. wow. Just so sad. It ties in so well with some unreleased in the lore.
  3. I really enjoyed it. Some of the melodies went different ways than I wanted. But I'm still excited for the album. And his writing NEVER fails.
  4. It's arguable because talking about a mythical creature can be considered childish. It's not real. My OG post was in defense of ALL her things. So really one way or the other idc. My point is she's a concept artist. Some concepts will be better than other.
  5. Arguable. And still she didn't release it. Look at everything she's released......track record is.....lol
  6. I like the trend. But only the people actually doing creative makeup looks. The regular ones are boring. Yall are so negative about everything. OMG. People are having fun! Her sounds and aesthetic is the same as its always been she's a CONCEPT artist. That's what she does. Every song that she's EVER made always has a kind of childish theme. That's how she is. I don't love everything she does or makes but I'm not going to sit here and complain every time something isn't to my taste. This is who sis has been since the beginning.
  7. Death-It's okay. don't like the chorus Void-love it I can't wait for the full Spider Web-....no Battle of Larynx-love it Evil-love it. I'm not super picky when it comes to Ms. Martinez. The only thing she released that I didn't really like was that Ep. I loved the albums.
  8. I love it LOL guess I'm in the minority.
  9. I HOPE she uses the Fairy Dance 1:37 Beat. That beat is so good. Lol I didn't like it either.....
  10. I started a controversy over loving a song that people hate LOL. But anyway, as yall probably seen Synchronicities is NOT Jinx. However I could see that being a title when you think of the topic Jinx covers. I love the Jinx you owe me a SODA. Its cute! It's fun! "Maybe it's within the stars. Maybe it was a random. Loneliness between us both, seeing it workin in tandem. [..] Same signal different face. Squeezing into my brain. Do you feel the same? Jinx you owe me a soda."
  11. WDBCF Mistakes 99cent Store Ring Pop Demo 1 Death Jinx
  12. I like it in a weird way. But the lyrics are so on the nose. But that's very Melanie so at the same time it's expected. BUT, that over crunchy Merged part reminds me too much of Bella in a bad way. The Void is so damn good. I need it.
  13. I love the snippet. The pop, her voice, everything. Yall complain about everything. Her vocals sound normal. Kinda reminds me of Can't Shake You lololol in a weird way and I love it.
  14. Sirens have a different look and storyline depending on where you get your info from. Greeks aren't the only cultures to have mentioned them. They sometimes are mermaids, they are sometimes those half birds things, they could even be the ugly deformed thing, even aliens. So really she could be any type. The most popular you see in tv and movies are the ones who mask themselves as your inner desires/temptation and with a song to lure you into the ocean and drown you. They mostly have been depicted as beautiful and then when you get close they transform into something terrifying and then drown. There's always been a thin line on if mermaids are interchangeable. But with lore, obviously people are going to have a creative take because they aren't real. So I wouldn't overthink it.
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