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  1. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    nothing leaks?? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME NOTHING LEAKS??? 60 SONGS LAST AUGUST, ROUND AND ROUND AND TAXI IN THE SAME FUCKING MONTH, POP THE BALLOONS AND SWORD WEEKS APART AND NOW WE ARE ON THE CUSP OF TWO SONGS LEAKING: 100 AND BEL AIR SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN, THINGS LEAK YOU'RE JUST TOO UNGRATEFUL TO SEE IT the reason WHY """nothing""" leaks is because people are tired of people like you always finding another thing to beg for, it's like you will never be satisfied no matter how much you get... just fucking stop and focus on something else lIKE CHARLI RELEASING AN ALBUM AFTER 5 FUCKING YEARS
  2. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    Hey sweetie guess what it doesn't need to be 320 to be listenable!!! there are many edits of the leak to make it sound HQ and we can live with those!!!! we don't need to beg for old songs can we just look forward to new things??? like oh idk Charli is releasing a fucking album after five years let's talk about that not leak this leak that thanks boo for listening xoxo
  3. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    Blue Cheese Resturant
  4. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    why do you guys want her to release XCX World so badly? It was scrapped, and we have all the songs in high quality, stop saying CTMP is lq it's listenable get the hell over it. they don't need to be released especially since all except CTMP, NA, Taxi, IWBWU (on occasion), GG, Waterfall, GNO and CYHM aged (Bounce if you're drunk) get over it, not only do we have the songs, we have plenty of outtakes, the album photoshoot and a whole ass official tracklist draft. so enjoy it gerlies
  5. they are trying to say "what kind of impact do you think this comeback will have? an impact like taylor? or an impact like hilary" when hilary came back nobody cared literally nobody cared at all like absolutely nobody cared meanwhile when taylor came back with reputation everyone ate it up and it broke the internet and the stan world
  6. Bella Goth


    why is when/how one of the best things shes created oh my god its so good
  7. yes occasionally, freshmen year lowkey awful never have i ever hurt someone as bad as they hurt me
  8. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    either BMI or ASCAP, don't remember which one but it is on a registry
  9. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    you don't have to love every single thing someone you stan puts out, you can hate something if you hate it
  10. Bella Goth


    not Jeronimo getting his LB account after months of waiting and ruining an opportunity to completely reinvent himself and become a likable person by finding some random flop who sounds like BANKS and teasing the songs as BANKS songs the titles are hilarious too, Nasty Woman??? really??? is that the best you could come up with??? LMFAO can you at least make yourself useful and spill the song you used for your fake Panic by Billie Eilish snippet . . .
  11. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    i know this might give charli an expanded audience but i fucking hate whatever the hell dream glow is the 2 demos of it that leaked were flawless as it is, they didn't need to do anything besides slap some bts vocals on it or something. it would've been ok if it was that. but NO! they just had to add some shitty harmonies, add new charli vocals which sound like absolute ass, and the worst of all adding some atrocious trap percussion in the second verse. they really ruined this song, it's sad. they changed a song about seeking love into a song about dreams and it doesnt even make sense what the fuck is a dream glow like can someone explain? anyway its a kpop song so are we really surprised...
  12. Bella Goth

    Charli XCX

    True Romance is her best album sorry it's true
  13. Bella Goth


    hate her but this song is kinda good she released daddy af over this... im...
  14. Bella Goth

    Kim Petras

    holy fuck this is a bop lowkey lost fatih in her after broken released but this and sweet spot are fucking phenomenal jesus christ her attitude lowkey sucks from what i've seen though and working with luke isn't something i really enjoy but these 2 songs... whew...
  15. Bella Goth


    wow this comment made you seem totally ignorant and apathetic! the girl was abused by titanic emotionally and physically so even if poppy did or didn't steal her intellectual property and image she was fucking abused and that is not okay. the girl said she got ptsd from this time in her life and you think you're funny or being shady when you say "omg she was caring for such a little amount of time!!!" she cared the moment titanic punched her and broke into her house she was just waiting for the right time to file a lawsuit against him, and yes poppy did steal very much of mars' image going to the point of melodies. next time you type learn to be not so thick headed little miss 7 posts and acting like she's hot shit
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