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  1. Lana's taste is questionable, we already knew that (see the ugly sandals she wore for nearly every candid outfit like last year or so)
  2. I think she's standing behind the ship wheel (whatever that's called) which is why her bottom half looks weird
  3. This is her best cover ever, anyone who says otherwise has shit taste
  4. She looks so much like Chuck in this shot, she better keep this color or go lighter cuz im kind of sick of dark hair on her
  5. Found it: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/celebs/a46929/kardashians-cosmopolitan-cover-shoot-november-2015/
  6. Wasn't Lana already friends with Kim Kardashian like couple years ago? I remember (in a cosmopolitan coverstory with the kardashians i think) it was mentioned that Lana visited Kim on set (unless my memory is absolutely delusional). Now that I really think about it this whole "insta-baddie" persona and all these new friends she has gathered within the last year isn't really that surprising tbh.
  7. Jesse's album this, Weyes album that, what about your own album Lana?
  8. From what we've heard so far song wise this cover with lana staring off into the distance with a pensive look is extremely fitting. Wish the album title was somewhere in the background as like part of a scenary (like a graffiti or on a sign or whatever)
  9. Reading through these last couple or so pages gave me a flashback to the old Allie X thread
  10. Honeymoon turns 4 this year and only now did I just realize how amazing The Blackest Day really is whew I'm slow at realizing good things are
  11. Is there a thread of things Lana has said or acknowledged about the lgbt community?
  12. that girl is what you get if a carefully curated Pinterest board was turned into a person
  13. That girl Lana's with looks like she's LIVING over being photographed by paparazzi's in some photos, I truly can't stand her
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