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  1. cranekiss

    Ethel Cain

    i think if she doesnt want the songs online then the songs shouldnt be online they are her songs after all
  2. cranekiss

    Ethel Cain

    yes because ptolemaea could fit perfectly on aka
  3. cranekiss

    Ethel Cain

    not this again.. for the love of god MAKE IT STOP
  4. cranekiss

    Melanie Martinez

    No we don't my braincell is prettier .
  5. cranekiss

    Melanie Martinez

    this would like to have a word.
  6. cranekiss

    Mars Argo

    song is out in new zealand! it's great but angry is definitely better. angry and i can only be me are definitely sister songs let's hope this results in a more consistent release schedule maybe an ep if we're lucky
  7. i think that's his way of saying the surprise didn't have to do with one of the songs becoming a single or being put in a soundtrack either way i think it's just us getting a random b-side for the era and nothing more
  8. thank you for shouting out rebecca black you can stream her new album let her burn on spotify right now
  9. cranekiss


    she has a very good eye for visuals it's a shame that her two biggest songs are produced by a rapist that she is not obligated to work with
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