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  1. amazing title, pretty much resumes my life
  2. that dress is so awful that's iconic that dress is so awful that's iconic
  3. Oh you miss me? Feeling abandoned? Don't , I will grace the board with a short visit. By the way since when I write incomprehensible "somethings" about America? On Lana and fat... Lana isn't fat she yanked her 4 wisdom teeth's at the same time, obviously.
  4. she looks so cute I need to squeeze her cheeks drag them master
  5. you should do the albums if you have the time Thanks for the trouble with all of it
  6. It's a beautiful song, calms me down for some reason. Doesn't evokes in me the feelings Ride, Carmen, VG, BTD or even WC did at first listen though, still a great beautiful song. Lanas voice is so good, sexy and ethereal at the same time. I just love the sound of her voice, singing or speaking is just ugh so amazing something is awfully wrong in the world because I couldn't agree with you more. Probably gonna rain tomorrow
  7. Viva


    I hope this album is a good one, she has so many subjects to cover and write about regarding political and social issues which was always her strongest songs and videos. I want Bad Girls, XOXO and Paper Plains Maya back LOL the one thing she never miss is the visuals, including art work
  8. Lana is 29 andLizzy is 31, biological age is the major difference between them.
  9. Lana and Gaga will do a duet for Apple called "how I fucked my career from the top to the floor"
  10. I know you don't have a vagina. I have no interest in knowing how you look like by the way.... probably not a nice vision if the outside is twisted as the inside Gonna block you anyway, after all who can bare your ass? Not me LOL
  11. Not every black woman has or wants straightened hair to begin with. What's the point you're attempting to make? Was a obvious joke Mister No sense of humor. Anyway, you're a guy so you will never understand the hair issue. So many factors guy's don't understand and is irritating talking about hair with man who just aren't attached to their hair like we are (not every girl but the majority is). Most Europeans and North Americans citizens can also take a sit on that issue compared to part of SA or Asia because they don't have to deal with sea breeze combined with humidity. Sea breeze, humidity and wind put together is a devil's joke on any girl with long hair or not that short hair, black or white, you will suffer the eletro shock looking effect and walk around like a 60' hippie, wanting or not. Ask girls in New Orleans or girls in Miami LOl. Miami doesn;t have humidity even if is a beach town. NY is also better for your hair than Miami. Anyway, I imagine the reason why black girls straighten their hair is the same reason why white girls with curly hair straighten theirs: is easier to play with straight hair, from hair cuts to hair do's is not only easier to manage as you have more options of hair cuts that wont give you much trouble in the morning.
  12. Are you calling a person who fakes her entire life mentally ill on Lanaboards? Did you even heard Lana's songs and saw her interviews? For 29 31 years she pretends to be all sorts of things
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