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  1. I‘m happy for everyone in the US who can attend but I can‘t lie I‘m very jealous!
  2. I received my candy necklace from a warehouse in germany even though I ordered it in the uk shop so I guess they sorted out the customs issues.
  3. This was actually the first Lana concert I‘ve ever fully seen (online) and it was so good omg!!! She sang so beautifully and her outfit was such a surprise and the country intro omg I was shaken. And Camila is live really good imo I don‘t like her but that performance was amazing! And the second outfit I DIED looking at the photos on insta because i’m the stream I didn‘t see it lol so beautiful I‘m going to die 😭😍 Ican‘t for real it‘s biker girl x zimmermann x country without an o and the sparkly Lana belt buckle!!! I hope Lasso sounds just like that outfit. I give it 100/10⭐️
  4. People who love Frank Ocean and The Weeknd scare me.
  5. We did not enjoy her in star stable and we do not enjoy her with that funky makeup and funny moves in that karma video
  6. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    really? I thought of reputation x ocean blvd regarding the aesthetic haha
  7. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    I‘m 100% sure especially more physical music since there is nothing for the new second half of the album. For midnights there were a gazillion merch drops I felt like and I doubt she‘s not doing that again since it brings lots of money.
  8. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    I wouldn‘t mind a 31 song Lana album. Art is subjective after all and there is something special in every song some can connect to more and others less. if there is a lot to tell then many songs don‘t ruin an album and even if there isn‘t much to tell who gets to say what an ideal album is anyway. I like art to be satisfying and not to leave me always longing for more, for something else similar. I don‘t study art and have a very subjective opinion on it and am no good critic but imo writing songs is admirable and creating such a big ?thing?project?opus?. sry not an attack on you I‘ve just read so much hate on here the past few days I‘m kinda sick of it by now, I feel like this is the musical version of skinny gossip sometimes
  9. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    what I think she‘ll release more. The variants are just the standard poets department with one exclusive song, there is nothing physical of Anthology yet but I hope she‘ll make some nice variants for collectors
  10. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    I need a tortured poets hardcover lyric book from Taylor!!!!!! and a nice pen I‘d actually buy a refillable pen
  11. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    when is there ever a happy girl summer tbh
  12. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    Have y‘all restarted your apps if the album doesn‘t work immediately?
  13. cyberbunnyboops

    Taylor Swift

    I hope it leads to something signed because my insane swiftie boyfriend is dying for a taylorgraph
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