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  1. I am disappointed but not surprised. the horse girls were once again let down.
  2. I‘d honestly love to see Lana posing w a black horse on side B but that will never happen 😭🥲 the horse girl in me is crying
  3. fuc that newsletter seriously now you said it I‘m MAD WE DIDN‘T GET INFO STRAIGHT FROM MOTHER
  4. I’m waiting for them to add it to the austrian universal music store. I don‘t like it that much but I want both songs on vinyl so I‘ll try to get one! Does anyone know what the other side will look like? Any guesses? The same picture?
  5. Yo you can‘t imagine how happy this makes me I always loved that blue
  6. UPDATE: Universal Austria is not in early hibernation, I take everything back they shipped it perfectly timed and it would have arrived on the 29th had I been home lol I just picked it up from the post office I did NOT get any shipping notification per mail though so it was a mystery package to me
  7. Do you know what they mean with „lines“? Like color streaks/swirls?
  8. I ordered on the day it came out on the fucking Austrian store and have NO UPDATES WHATSOEVER ever since is Universal in early hibernation here or what 😭 I‘m scared my order got cancelled without me knowing lol They look so beautiful though!!! more pictures I want to lust over this repress a little more who knows when mine is gonna ship so happy for everyone who already received theirs <3 I love that comparison photo of the og and repress next to eachother
  9. people still call things gay as in... negative? or am I misunderstanding smth? edit: I in fact am a victim of constantly misunderstanding hahaha sry nevermind 🥲 Agree w lacy tho, I had so many lacies in my life and still have, admire them and love them but hate them at the same time. I connect a lot to the lyrics but I'm not a sad song girlie so I rarely listen to it What I totally don't get is why everyone is making it about Gracie Abrahms like who tf cares but probably I'm not in that bubble enough to care it just annoys me that it's always like"omg Olivia is shading Taylor/Gracie/and the other one déjà vu apparently is about"
  10. I think it'll be the same stuff as before
  11. I believe they'll send you an email when it shipped! I ordered the lighter there (to europe) and could track it iirc. Until they send it out it's waiting in the dark I guess
  12. I loved the singles tbh my favorite is probably all american bitch I love the female rage and bottling up of emotions depicted. and pretty when I cry hihi I'm not into the sad songs too much, but that's just me I guess. Pretty isn't pretty anymore is also a vocally amazing song imo. She did good on this album. I feel like angry girl rock is making a more mainstream comeback.
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