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  1. Reads title: Assumes it’s a silly interview with some KC newspaper. Reads post: Congratulations, this is beyond amazing, I’m a at a loss for words, finally you are the lucky one this time 🤍
  2. ugh, same here. first time I didn’t get it
  3. Apparently a friend of a friend is trying to sell two tickets. I flirted with the idea of maybe trying to go again, until I realized it’s $700 for the two tickets and flights start at $580. I really hope it is a special one off show and not a repeat of other performances. Maybe it will be professionally filmed and released. That would be amazing. Maybe she’ll play a couple of songs that she rarely performs. Special guest appearance, perhaps? Manifesting all the crazy things that could make this an extra special concert
  4. Lowkey surprised there isn’t much talk about this on here. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction
  5. Heard the Fishtail rumor from a few different sources… but sounds like it was just a brief intro/tease. https://www.instagram.com/p/C7GOntcuzNw/?igsh=MXEyd2g2enJjZTRhcQ==
  6. I missed most of it too, what was the setlist?
  7. Quincy

    Pink Floyd

    Landed a ticket for a previously unannounced 3rd show of his in NY in November. Ticketmaster was absurd, worse than any Lana experiences I’ve had, but that’s in the past now. I can’t wait to go back to NYC and see him again. There are mixed signals about him playing or refusing to play classic ‘Floyd tracks, but it doesn’t matter. His solo records are great and I’m looking forward to hearing the new album. If he does leave out the classics, that’s fine too. He hinted at possibly playing more of the later Floyd catalog, when he led the band, following the departure of Roger. That would be a neat change of pace. If anyone else wanted to see him, they “added” a few more shows for both LA and NYC, but that’s it. I think the official sale is tomorrow, but I think it will be difficult to get tickets after that. Unless you have a ton of disposable income.
  8. Quincy

    Avril Lavigne

    Has anyone seen her perform recently? She’s touring this year, but nothing near me
  9. Quincy

    Pink Floyd

    David recently announced a few tour dates this year. I really thought he was done touring after the 2016 bit. He is like 78 years old now. Anyway, he’s only doing four North American dates. Twice in LA and twice in NYC. I really want to see him in NY again. The flights are kinda cheap too, but I’m worried about the Ticketmaster pricing sh!t. Presale is this Thursday. Wish me luck!
  10. I wonder if maybe this was a test run to see how a stadium show sold. Obviously it sold out just fast about every other one of her shows, so selling out shouldn’t be a problem, regardless of venue.
  11. Delulu me looking at flights like I’m gonna hop on tomorrow AM for the gen sale and see if I get very lucky, or desperate
  12. There are a few seats left on MLB for $89.50, even though they’re nosebleed sections
  13. Even with the presale codes? Isn’t this the first time she’s really done a show with actual one time use codes? Although I’m sure resellers will snatch up tickets on Friday, I was under the impression that *mostly* fans were buying tickets today.
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