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  1. Quincy

    Bel Air

    Are more sites using bad AI to interpret lyrics? I thought I was going crazy when Amazon Music claimed it was: I know the roses, I’ve counted so The official lyrics make more sense and now I don’t feel stupid anymore lol I was questioning life for a second. Idol of roses, iconic soul - Official They do kinda sound similar…
  2. I only tried searching “Oklahoma non-binary,” unless they’re using vaguer terms. Let me see. Edit: Searched “Oklahoma death” The only story on the first page is the one cited here. On the second page there was story Owasso High School student laid to rest after unexpected death otherwise nothing else.
  3. What a tragedy. What’s almost as bad is I’m from Oklahoma and I barely heard about this. I only found out from someone’s story on IG and then saw this post. If you search for it, the only story you get is from that article you cited. I’m not doubting it all. It’s just extra weird there’s barely any coverage about it. Even from local stations. Oklahoma is really a sad joke a lot of the time.
  4. When I was fishtailing down a muddy road in a bad storm, in the middle of nowhere, last summer. I thought for sure I was going to wind up in a ditch, but I narrowly managed to avert disaster. When was the last time you achieved a major goal or milestone in your life?
  5. Found this cute phone case on Amazon. It’s more for the aesthetic, as the case feels really cheap. Still fun, though. I’ll probably use it when I’m going out or hopefully seeing her in concert again sometime soon. Not a sponsored ad, but below is a link for those interested. It’s on sale for $10.99 USD and is available for most common versions of the iPhone. Amazon link
  6. Everyone knows it, but one of the biggest award shows totally snubs her? After some reflection, I think they all knew she wasn’t going to win. They didn’t want her to. The consolation was to give her a bunch of nominations to try to lessen the blow, give the appearance that she had a chance. Pity nominations. The thing with Taylor, I really lost a lot of respect of her dragging Lana up and addressing her like that. I still respect her as an artist, but the award show, her behavior and the “voting,” it’s all a bunch of fake ass shit.
  7. How can you vote for or against something you never bothered to listen to?
  8. Yup. OB may not be perfect, but in terms of alternative music, it’s about as diverse as you can get, lyrically, musically and thematically in that genre.
  9. Question for the culture: When can mother go back to making art and not worrying about fake ass award shows?
  10. Yup. That first cut of that song was almost as big of a stab in the back as the way things went down tonight
  11. This is an actual conspiracy theory in some not so small circles
  12. I have never been a fan of award shows. Always seems like a lot of hype, drama and selection bias. What happened to selecting winners based on actual talent? They’ve turned into a popular contest. It’s an even bigger slap in the face when you keep getting nominated and don’t win. Like are they pity nominations or are they just fuckin’ with you? Lana won’t not fuck them the fuck up
  13. Wait. I just got off the road after driving all night. Really 0-5?
  14. What an insane night. Too bad I’m socially inept and had two girls flaunting over me. Then I had to run a half mile to the hotel in the pouring rain!
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