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  1. Quincy liked a post in a topic by NikoGo in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    Keep it civil in here 
    users were warned, and any more fighting/rudeness will be met with a warning also. 
  2. Quincy liked a post in a topic by shadesofblue in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    it blows my mind when venues don't take better precautions during heat waves. giving out water is the least they could do in that situation, idk if its a money thing or what. you would think giving away some water bottles would ultimately be better than being responsible for having tons of people get seriously ill or worse. I'm glad fenway they let people bring water bottles but idk why venues and fests still to this day are so strict with water. it can be extremely dangerous for anyone, even deadly. there's tons of people with medical issues that have to keep hydrated more it's actually ridiculous.
    i'm so sorry yall had to go through that bullshit. i'd expect a stadium like fenway to be a little more prepared for situations like that, but hopefully they learned their lesson.
  3. Quincy liked a post in a topic by pinewoodlogs in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    i still haven’t processed or recovered from this concert. camping in 96 degree heat was hard but i got thru that so i thought the worse was over.. then doors opened and it was a DISASTER. there was no clear direction of where to go at all and the staff was extremely underprepared for the hoards of people.
    it was my first time seeing her in 5 years too.. like the amount of defeat and heartbreak i felt standing in the freezing rain after camping for soooo long in 96 degree weather is unexplainable. and then i curse myself for not believing she could come on bc i basically pushed inside so i wouldn’t have to be in the cold rain thinking they’d just cancel, then they let everyone back onto the floor and i was held back by so many people and lost my barricade spot. i pushed myself up to 2nd row so im not upset about my view but basically all that time camping felt like such a waste. i suppose thats the way it does work with GA is that it is a free for all, so you’re not just guaranteed that spot bc you camped. but it still hurts a lot and sucks. by the time she came back out i was emotionless and my morale was completely down.
    But at the end of the day, I did see her and she looked the most gorgeous I have ever seen her. It was just hella traumatic and next time I see her imma have so much PTSD 😭
  4. Quincy liked a post in a topic by love divine in Lana announces USA Tour   
    i spent a crazy amount of that money on the boston show because i knew she would not be touring anytime soon. i think she loves performing, just not consecutively/with a set schedule. a one off show here and there every few months a year sounds like what she's most comfortable with 
  5. Quincy liked a post in a topic by shadesofblue in Lana announces USA Tour   
    i think as lana fans, it's important to remember how much lana changes her mind. she's been like this as long as i can remember, and there's nothing wrong with that. i've always had the mindset as a fan especially of hers to hope for the best but don't hold expectations. that's one of the reasons i didn't join LB until this past year, i love to speculate what she'll do next, but if you have set expectations with her, you might be disappointed when she does the complete opposite.
    all that being said, it's completely possible for her to add some dates between august or possibly after like she did last year! but i don't think we should have it set in our minds. she's said before she doesn't want to do a stadium tour (and even though she said that she could totally drop a stadium tour lineup tomorrow) but you literally never know with her. insiders are not always reliable, there's a few known ones that are pretty reliable but when it's these random people you have to take it with a grain of salt. even with reliable insiders, she changes her mind all the time so it could end up being wrong.
    i do think it's probably likely she'll perform in mexico because she had to cancel at least one of the shows there last year i believe
  6. Quincy liked a post in a topic by Embach in Lana announces USA Tour   
    Twitter accounts with "insider" in their names aren't really reliable
  7. CHATEAU MARMONT liked a post in a topic by Quincy in Twitter Updates   
    It’s obviously Calumet, small town in Oklahoma. Confirmed: Her next record is going to be country 
  8. Quincy liked a post in a topic by violettiaras in Lana announces USA Tour   
    @cinnamon teeth found and posted this link in the boston thread. 
    Fenway says Lana planned a whole US tour but cancelled the other shows aside from Fenway. Makes sense when you think about Lana saying “I decided not to do a stadium tour this year..”
  9. Quincy liked a post in a topic by 69 Million Stars in Lana announces USA Tour   
    “When Del Rey announced that a single night here would serve as her lone American solo show of 2024”
  10. Quincy liked a post in a topic by cinnamon teeth in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    did you guys see the same exact thing happened again tonight at fenway  they're going thru it
  11. Quincy liked a post in a topic by LanaBalkana in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    How long was the show after all? I see a more or less a full setlist 
  12. Quincy liked a post in a topic by Embach in Lana Del Rey's 39th Birthday - June 21st, 2024   
    Neil Krug did share an old Lust For Life era photo wishing Lana happy birthday in Instagram Stories but with no outtakes like last year

  13. Quincy liked a post in a topic by Embach in Lana Del Rey's 39th Birthday - June 21st, 2024   
    Lana Del Rey's birthday is on June 21st and this year she will turn 39 years old! You can write birthday wishes to her on her newsletter site - did you write any wishes to her and if you did, what did you write for her? You can wish her happy birthday here as well - that's why I made this thread because there might be people who don't have an account on her newsletter website!
    Also, usually on her birthday, many of her family members, friends, colleagues and collaborators share their birthday wishes to Lana on social media and might share some unseen photos of her (like Neil Krug has done that) as well - so you can share screenshots and links of these here as well!
  14. Quincy liked a post in a topic by Three White Butterflies in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    My impression was sexual tension 😭😭😭 they seem to be more than comfortable with each other. There was also quite an intense passionate way their eyes kept meeting, but it could’ve just been performance. 
  15. Quincy liked a post in a topic by lizzyschemtrails in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    They were pretty close ngl
  16. Quincy liked a post in a topic by Peachycream in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    They were charging $14 for water in the turf area. I was like nvm ill croak
    @caughtuboy omg you’re so cute! Happy for you 🥲 
  17. shadesofblue liked a post in a topic by Quincy in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    Weather can be tough to predict as we know. No option is going to please everyone and any choice is going to piss off a lot of fans. 
    The problem is the terms we agree to when buying tickets for shows, flights, etc. Unless you pay extra for insurance, you’re kind of screwed if something like this happens. 

    Edit: I understand that partial shows aren’t covered by insurance or anything like that. At least I don’t think they are? 
    Hopefully she can schedule a few more dates around the country later this year, but the one special birthday show can’t be fully replaced. I feel for everyone, but can’t help but think we should be thankful we got any show at all last night.  
  18. Quincy liked a post in a topic by cinnamon teeth in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    time for my review 
    i think i just got really lucky in terms of some of the choices i made. deciding not to camp and just chill in the back really saved me bc if i camped for barricade and then had to leave like that i would have actually lost it respectfully xx for me this experience was really a lesson to think about the variables before committing to camping for an outdoors show like that. i also was luckily able to walk to my hotel so getting out and back was not an issue at all. 
    now fenway...i'm not sure how often they host concerts there but it doesn't seem like they quite know how to work with concert crowds  i know there's no way situations like these are going to be handled perfectly but the staff were sooo rude (and tbf some of the fans were too) trying to get people to move, there was a point where one lady was literally just screaming in my ear for people to move up when there was absolutely no where to go. ALSO one of the most baffling things to me last night was that in the 100 degree heat there was no free water???? they were literally still trying to sell water in the stands as we were sheltered from the storm. like please get it together there is absolutely no excuse for that. 
    there was also a lot of confusion about the start time, i asked an employee directly and he didn't even know. it was advertised as a 7:30 start time, but was actually 8:30, 7:30 would have been the normal start time if there had been an opener. this is also fenway's problem imo, they fully knew the show was starting at 8:30 as it was listed on the employee schedules so idk why they weren't letting that be public knowledge it was weird. i've seen a lot of people complaining about this online acting like lana was late when 8:30 was the planned start time all along. 
    overall i still had a great time and lana was perfect, i just think this venue is messy and the storm of course was not ideal 
  19. Quincy liked a post in a topic by Black to Blue in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    After waiting yesterday since 6 am to not get barricade at all and a shortened show is definitely… a lot. I flew in from out of state, waited in the hot sun ultimately for security to let anyone and everyone through the pit gates on two separate occasions.
    Fenway is lucky there wasn’t a stampede when they allowed people back on the floor, it was really dangerous.
    Overall it was a great show and I don’t regret going necessarily but I can’t deny how frustrating it is for people like myself who traveled from far away and endured 100 degree weather to see her :/
  20. Quincy liked a post in a topic by FredRed in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    I am home safe and it is morning. I will share my experience of my Twilight Zone to Hell show! (Don't worry, I enjoyed the show but had a number of setbacks)
    I had seen Lana in Boston 10 years ago at the House of Blues which is right across from Fenway. That show was very draining! Waiting on line all day and then being on the floor for hours standing in the same spot battling with other rabid fans I said I am too old to see her without a seat. (I was in my late 50's then, late 60's now) Fast forward to yesterday. I had a Turf seat in section B4. Everything was great until the weather delay. We were all herded inside and everyone standing around on top of each other I thought I am in hell. I already went through this 10 years ago! I think we were in there for 30 minutes but the show must go on. The show was great but obviously condensed. Lana looked fantastic! The audience sang a lot and sometimes it was hard to hear her vocals. She sat for There's a Tunnel and her voice was exceptional. I was unfamiliar with all the guests but what outstanding voices.  Quavo and Lana had quite the presence. The audience response was great for the whole show but there was clearly fatigue. When the show ended with Video Games Lana walked down to the pit lots of people were getting up to leave. Just tired. She kind of hung around the stage and we sang Happy Birthday which she seemed genuinely moved by. There is more I could say about the show but for now overall it was great.
    So the show was over and I made it back to my car. Unfortunately it was so close to Fenway that traffic didn't move at all. It took me 50 minutes just to get out of the garage! Unbelievable. Then I was using Waze to get me back to the highway. I screwed up and made a left before I was supposed and got routed right back to Fenway. Suddenly I was  back in heavy traffic and on my left was Fenway and the exit I had come out of. I almost had a breakdown. I am going to be sucked back to fucking Fenway for eternity driving round and round. I made a right turn and was right back to the parking garage I just left. That whole round trip was only 10 minutes but mentally I was losing it. It was now after 1:00 am. I paid more attention to Waze and made it home safe and sound. I feel for those in the pit who may have lost spots. Glad we all survived.
  21. Quincy liked a post in a topic by cinnamon teeth in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    exactly about the people who live in boston like maybe i'm just biased since i traveled for this but i don't think that would have been a good solution  and everyone seemed very excited i don't know where that complaint is coming from (if people weren't singing or something i don't think it's bc they were over it, i think it's bc they were, for lack of better word, locals )
  22. Quincy liked a post in a topic by yourlocalhobo in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    I feel absolutely sorry for everyone, for fans, Lana and her team. I think there was absolute no „right way“ to solve this, because someone surely would leave unhappy. I still think she made the best decision possible. While rescheduling sounds nice I don’t think it’s as easy in theory, especially at such a big venue and considering all the guest acts and their individual schedules.
    It would be nice if her team came up with at least a small compensation (like maybe even some voucher for her shop at least or something). 
  23. brandon liked a post in a topic by Quincy in Boston, MA @ Fenway Park: June 20th, 2024   
    Unfortunately, I think a lot of venues are like this. They just wing it and don’t seem to have effective safety protocols in place. 
    When I saw her in Dallas last year and a severe storm came through, it was total chaos. They’re lucky the storm wasn’t any worse with hail and wind, because it was close to being a disaster. You’d think a city in tornado alley, or a professional ball park would have better plans in place for severe weather. 
    It’s not like people didn’t see this coming. Sure, the average fan isn’t glued to a radar app or something before a show, but you’d think they could afford to have one qualified person keeping an eye on the weather.
    It sounds like they scrambled last second when the storm was closing in, but it was pretty clear with 60-90 minutes lead time that it was going to storm pretty bad. 
    Do they just hope for the best and wait for the worst? Just weird. 
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