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  1. it definitely sounds like a lot of her Lizzy Grant and BTD-Paradise live vocals
  2. omg there's a video too? Wtf She barely announced anything
  3. Lana Del Rey @LanaDelRey · 2 min I’m so grateful to have been asked to perform this version of summertime by George Gershwin — the legendary composer-pianist whose music the New York Philharmonic has premiered and with whom we performed. Especially during a crisis faced by all performing arts organizations.
  4. So Let Me Love You Like a Woman was released over a month ago but we're getting an album and likely another poetry book before COCC, what a mess
  5. But the UV bonus tracks are amazing and NFR has 14 tracks so... Other artists do have amazing short albums, but in Lana's case, I don't think a shorter album makes it a better one this is so gorgeous
  6. She should cover Moi... Lolita https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpbHdIrtpNo
  7. I really hope they use that extra time to film other quality music videos
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