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  1. Unpackin' all my hopes for the night Lyin' on my bed, it's a thrill, 'cause I Didn't think it'd be happening But it really is Slippin' on my pyjamas or should I say rags Everybody said not to expect shit and I Couldn't get any hopes up But the record's about to drop The day Apple added White Dress Added White Dress The day Apple added White Dress To their NMD playlist
  2. Why is this post giving me hope when I'm actually eager to wait
  3. Rico25

    Chloe x Halle

    They're gorgeous and talented, I hope their career goes well
  4. Please let's not even compare Taylor to Lana If anything it's going to be her upgraded AKA
  5. - 2 songs - 1 long ass snippet + 2 live performances we basically know 1/3 of the album
  6. yeah she'd be doing worldwide promo on all major award ceremonies
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