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  1. Nothing could ever top this album lbr The first 3 tracks alone are better than any discography and the album has so much more to offer such as FIILY, Cinnamon Girl, California, The Greatest... This is a cultural reset it's her Blackout
  2. it really is I mean I get it, we're fans and most of us would take any opportunity we'd get to interact with her as much as we could but she's not a robot fans should learn to respect her private space a little bit more tbh
  3. The screaming is unbearable Can't watch any more of this if you're gonna livestream please stfu and let us hear Lana ffs
  4. Her team / the festival shouldn't be silent and say sorry for the delay tbh That's the decent thing to do
  5. What if she gives us another look from the Candy Necklace video in the intro? Omg
  6. There might be technical issues she has absolutely no control over and we're here being mad lol
  7. Does it mean I have to stop being a boomer and install TikTok? ugh
  8. She could do it like she did 13 beaches with playback support
  9. She looked so happy about the crowd singing The Grants and Arcadia
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