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  1. ecco perché mi chiamano Lanita quando scendo sono bonita
  2. sorry still can't like any posts but thanks for your answer I saw it this morning haha Got a regular ticket anyway somehow I feel like it's going to be less stressful and less of a fight to be frontrow - I don't think I'll try this time around
  3. Got a regular ticket, I don't wanna try to reach the front row because I know it'd be savage af lol
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwgWo9dn3LY 5 minutes left Lana looks gorgeous, it's a nice video overall
  5. Rico25

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    I kind of agree tbh I think it's one of these Lana covers that sound a little bit like a karaoke, probably because she loves the original so much
  6. Such a greet interview and I love that they used great promotional pics since it's about OB
  7. Interesting question... My favorite album is NFR but I love the musical/sonical explorations of UV/Honeymoon and thematically I think Lizzy went to places nobody else could
  8. Do you know where I can download a HD TVrip ? it's not on Sharemania yet
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