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  1. Honestly, I love this album so much. I'm on my 5th/6th listen and I still can't rank the tracks (excluding the interludes) because theyre all so good honestly and truly it sounds like she put a lot of effort into making this album
  2. shes promoting this album more than Nikki lane promoted COCC we love to see it
  3. We've already gathered that the reddit stans lack critical brain function because they're horny incels who can't decipher good taste from bad taste
  4. the sweet bridge is sooo good do you want children??? do you want to marry me???
  5. I feel that but candy necklace is too good... more streams for lana I guess
  6. After I'm done listening to the album for a second time in HQ I'm going to compose a list of my favourite tracks for fun
  7. Hello girls and gays after a full HQ listen last night im going to listen to it again for a second time.
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