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  1. i love fingertips so much i've memorized pretty much all of the lyrics by this point and sing along to it also the fact she actually posted a pic of uncle dave in her stories so now when i listen to it i think of him too, not just of those i lost...
  2. tbh love the way candy necklace is mostly just piano and it's the fan favorite song in this poll
  3. love these sm the mtwbt reference, one of the most relatable lyrics on the whole album and a catchy line from my fav song!
  4. exactly!! and the way it's delivered is def one of the emotional highlights of the song that gets stuck in your head along with "all i wanted to do was kiss aaron greene and sit by...", "and dave who hung himself real high". i understand there's some significance to that choice but especially having heard the original version this one seems off
  5. tbh it bugs me so much i think i'll replace it with the leaked version too bad the quality isn't that good
  6. peppers is such a wild ride with that surf rock break honey i'll bring the coffee if you bring the wine I'M IN LOVE I'M IN LOVEEE
  7. do all streaming versions of kintsugi and fingertips have these weird parts with something like a static sound?
  8. candy necklace is so good it gives me goosebumps it would've been perfect on ultraviolence but at the same time it's even more eery and more mature. it also ties the interludes together so neatly, they sound much less out of place with it between them. it's so unusual to write this without a spoiler we made it!!!!!
  9. hopping on the very last train my absolute favs are fingertips and let the light in!
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