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  1. tearsofgold

    Bad Gyal

    kind of missing her older experimental sound in comparison with the new songs on her ep. Gasto sounds closer to what she would typically do.
  2. the little red bottle above the candles sticks out, maybe there's another product soon? it looks perfume bottle shaped EDIT: yeah that's special because in the center there's a heart shape
  3. i'm honestly very confused by the tote bags bc the revolving gifs make it look like actual high end tote bags?
  4. because it's an online pop up store, is there a chance that this is all limited time or it'll stick around for restocks?
  5. what does "D2C" in the record store for the grey and transparent vinyls mean?
  6. my target vinyl and CD has shipped, hopefully my standard one arrives latest on Saturday EDIT: target items will likely arrive by Sunday (allegedly)
  7. BN just shipped my black vinyl, however I'm still waiting for Target vinyl and CD to ship
  8. Is the consensus on the Levi's jacket to size down?
  9. Question: Do vinyl copies by Target have good sound quality? Or would purchasing a standard black vinyl be safe? Thank you!
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