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  1. fingers crossed tomorrow ldr village will show those date categories? I assume it will be left overs from the pop up
  2. I'm just going to say it: I think the CD girlies won this time
  3. just a heads up, since they're shipping through ferndale, anything shipping via FEDEX is going to take a little while longer. just saying since that's how it's been sometimes with taylor's stuff
  4. my cds are the only things that have shipped. i'm positive the standard cd is holding up bc it also has my standard and white record...
  5. so the announcement being in due time... are we expecting this this week, or probably a surprise drop hours later from ocean blvd?
  6. the state of the bbc radio right now. absolutely appalling what they're playing...
  7. I honestly could have waited to hear the song until release day. but no other news. wasn't worth tuning in for at all.
  8. I kept remembering about neil's post about T-minus and the waves and Ben and Ed with their rockets and then I remembered about the lyrics to Unidentified Flying Bill.... Bill takes me down to the beach In the coat that he got from his father He whispers to me that sometimes He thinks he sees things over the water Like maybe UFOs or something Flying in the air Well, I don't know about those, Bill But I don't care
  9. it would be interesting to know however when the new music would come out... I would think she would want more focus on the ocean blvd album. who knows
  10. has anyone leaked images of any of the variations in person?
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