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  1. Idk it seems to me that it might me a simple mistake like them deleting that part of the code and forgetting about it. it can happen...
  2. yeah I'm not getting anything, they're all taken, all the options besides resale
  3. I'm at the halfway point for WPB
  4. I actually wonder if the sale only lasts 2 hours like the TS sale one
  5. I mean it's moving pretty fast imo, fingers crossed for everyone
  6. is anyone getting auto refreshed yet for WPB? NOthing on my end oh fuck there's 2000 people in front of me
  7. I just refreshed and got in a waiting room for WPB
  8. I'm on standby until 10 am but I saw for the WPB show ticket limit is 8 of them.... I have a sinking feeling I have no chance
  9. I'd like to know this too bc the ads are live nation but the account works with ticketmaster?
  10. wait so the ticket sales there isn't a need to register as a verified fan? it'll just open for everyone on friday?
  11. tearsofgold

    Addison Rae

    i got it bad sounds like something from oops i did it again. that and 2 die 4 are my favs.
  12. tearsofgold

    Taylor Swift

    fingers crossed I hope I can go to one of the miami dates!
  13. tearsofgold

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    I'm looking forward to listening! Any ideas if she's selling any physical copies soon?
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