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  1. love leonard so much he's also responsible for this masterpiece
  2. Bonita

    Song vs. Song

    Beautiful vs Sweet
  3. yeah cuz like where is the bob dylan reference? (forgive me if i missed it lol)
  4. i feel like when she said things would be simpler she meant with the subject matter. the last two albums featured some of her most personal songs to date and she had never explored some of the topics on ocean before - maybe slight teases on blue banisters. this album was monumental for many reasons and one of them was the story it told. i'm so proud of her like this was the closest she could challenge norman and I KNOW she has it in her to decimate nfr! about the standards... well lana does have her own standards but yeah guess we might be getting the covers album after all
  5. i'd sell my soul for that cover to be put into streaming it's so haunting
  6. my ideal ocean blvd grammy campaign - covers album + unreleased collection christmas release - music video for either the grants/a&w/let the light in/paris, texas/margaret/peppers/ocean blvd - maybe a tour vlog style music video for ocean blvd or paris, texas - grammy museum performance w jack and zack dawes and jon batiste (ocean blvd, candy necklace, margaret, the grants, sweet? live performances) - grammys live performance of either ocean blvd or the grants - snow on the beach live???
  7. I compiled a list of potential songs Where The Boys Are Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Heart-Shaped Box Knockin' On Heaven's Door Ave Maria Summer Wine (Feat. Barrie-James) Summertime The Janis Joplin Version Why Don't You Do Right? The Good Life Some Things Last a Long Time Scarborough Fair Cactus Daddy Issues Summertime The Gershwin Version Diamonds and Rust For Free (solo) ? Unknown Joni Cover Stand By Your Man Unchained Melody?
  8. Bonita

    Song vs. Song

    Dance Till We Die vs Sweet Carolina
  9. Bonita

    Kali Uchis

    why is no one talking about how much of a huge bop this song is
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