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  1. THIS is the song that NEEDS an ice spice remix or any rapper really. like ugh it'd honestly be cool like someone do something edit: someone get cupcakke or tommy on this
  2. imo i like this version it makes the whole vibe ethereal and y'all who are complaining are lowkey looking for any reason to complain. maybe she does alter things we love about the demos in the final but usually they're always the right choice. i personally hope she releases some demos like some btd tracks and LFL TITLE TRACK anyways, lets just celebrate that she put out an unreleased song and that we're getting cool streaming numbers out of it
  3. the beginning sounds kinda like the honeymoon version
  4. purr this is so random i just found out so glad it's finally on streaming
  5. I fucking love when she gives a song multiple interpretations with visuals it reminds me of when she did it with Shades of Cool... super happy she chose to abstractify the video and stay true to the concept she was talking about in that instagram comment and damn what a fucking concept it is i wanna sit with the video for a few days we could've ended up with just a pretty video but she chose to give us drama and narrative and a big fuck you to the detractors ugh i hope the title track gets a music video and PLEASEEE can she link up with BRTHR for a music video for A&W
  6. This album is perfection and everytime I keep listening and reading the lyrics it's just... UGH I HATE HER SO MUCH 'CAUSE ITS SO GOOD
  7. I'm sorry but there's no song quite like this one in her entire discography - maybe in all of music really (sonically speaking then yeah there are songs) but the overall vibes, the IMAGERY from the lyrics, the beat drop ugh! It is perfection and I hope she experiments more like this on her next record. Fishtail deserves some love and it really is a stunning song that adds a little anger and sadness to the album's final moments.
  8. im p sure the 5 thing is the amount of tragic figures she'll reference - but if it's 1 out of 5 videos that's gonna be amazing ofc
  9. maybe i'll take my glasses off so i stop painting red flags green
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