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  1. The @Be Free leaks STILL rock my world!!! I'll never forget the day the Demo CD leaked, and we finally got to hear The Ocean... and then a few months later, getting the totally unknown, unexpected Mermaid Motel demo, which remains maybe my favorite leak ever to this day tbh No matter how many times I hear them, those still feel like 'new' leaks to me, and I'm just as excited as the day they dropped
  2. just fixed them, thanks for the heads-up! Should both be visible now
  3. I haven't caught up completely on the thread yet, so no idea if anyone's done something similar, but... I made two 9-track playlists as kind-of alternate takes on the album (because I love fucking with tracklists way too much...) The first is ARCADIA: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1X88dtqrBEh1yBhSqVy256?si=5e5bd11d36ca4971 -all the new, original songs from Blue Banisters. I haven't changed the sequencing, but I might mess with that later Then... THE NEXT BEST AMERICAN RECORD: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0KbP5OOTyCr21wU82hVnXJ?si=7abf7da331f74960 -we've received a lot of songs 'from the vault' over the past three records, so they're all collected here. It's kind of split into side A/side B to me -- with TNBAR and all the TLSP tracks on the first half, and Yosemite and the Barrie tracks on the second. So, not only does it function like the Unreleased album we never received, but also fulfills the 'yin-yang' dynamic TNBAR and Yosemite were always meant to have Hope you enjoy! I'm digging the album -- Dealer's kind of a game-changer, pretty obsessed
  4. sun: get free moon: yayo rising: not all who wander are lost I’m OBSESSED
  5. Off to the Races. Still my favorite, still convinced it’s one of her greatest ever. Borders on camp classic because oh my god... so glamorous and ridiculous and transcendent
  6. for what it's worth, Bellevue is a very old and very famous mental hospital in Manhattan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellevue_Hospital I imagine that's what she and Courtney were discussing
  7. God this really is the most entertaining thread on Lanaboards
  8. thinking about the Methamphetamines video... such a weird one-off in that she didn't do videos for any other laptop tracks (that we know of )
  9. Perhaps her most underrated unreleased? Such a killer song, omfg
  10. I just keep coming back and staring at it omfg... iconic photo and a true holy grail of Lizzy memorabilia
  11. A dirty, dusty back road with sunshine and a cool Spring breeze blowing
  12. Before COTCC dropped, I assembled a bunch of era-specific, chronological playlists that include all of Lana's unreleased material (or, at least one version of each song, lmao). It came out to 17 (!) playlists, and I drafted up a list that combined them with the rest of her discography, giving me a chronological order to listen to it all in: My original intent was to listen to and rate everything in the lead-up to COTCC, but ultimately it dropped before I was even out of the Lizzy era. But, today, I finally re-listened to COTCC, finishing the full discography listen + rate. For each album (or playlist/compilation), I rated each song from 1-5, ranked the tracklist, and then gave the album an average rating. I included all bonus tracks (excluding remixes) with their respective albums. So, here's the results! I'm giving the unreleased stuff one average rating, since my fanmade playlist ratings won't mean much to anyone: 1. Young Like Me (4.75) [4-track version] 2. Lana Del Ray (4.54) 3. Norman Fucking Rockwell! (4.5) 4. Paradise (4.44) 5. Ultraviolence (4.25) 6. Unreleased (4.22) 7. Chemtrails Over the Country Club (4.18) 8. Honeymoon (4.14) 9. Born to Die (4.13) 10. Lust for Life (3.94) 11. Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass (3.93) 12. Singles & B-Sides (3.78) [All officially released non-album tracks] 13. Sirens (3.73) 14. Young Like Me: B-Sides (3.67) [3 tracks; leftovers from the other YLM tracklist + From the End] 15. Collaborations (3.31) This looked pretty different than I expected! My normal ranking would probably go: 1. Lana Del Ray 2. Norman Fucking Rockwell! 3. Born to Die 4. Unreleased 5. Young Like Me 6. Paradise 7. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 8. Ultraviolence 9. Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass 10. Honeymoon 11. Singles & B-Sides 12. Lust for Life 13. Young Like Me: B-Sides 14. Sirens 15. Collaborations So, yeah, there were several shocks: I like Paradise a LOT more than I realized, I definitely didn't expect YLM to take number 1 by a landslide, and Born to Die was way insanely lower than I expected. This was so fun, and I was really happy to revisit some projects + songs I hadn't given due attention to in a long time, plus reevaluating all my faves and least faves from her records Guess I'm gonna go bop to You, Mister
  13. For Free and it was so fitting loved this so much!!! you really nailed this
  14. dope!! thank you for sharing all of this
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