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  1. So sad that I’m not there tonight too expensive for my post-college budget so I’m seeing a silent film instead
  2. Pleasantville — it’s about the world inside a 1950s sitcom being revolutionized by a guy who gets sucked into his TV! It’s visually really cool with all the 50s aesthetics, but also really beautiful plot-wise
  3. I guess I can only really speak for myself, but as someone who grew up poor (in a singlewide trailer, baby!!), I feel like the classist critiques that have been leveled at Lana all the way back to her work as Lizzy are so petty Like, maybe this is short-sighted, but I feel like the people incensed about this are probably by-and-large probably not people even affected by the things they’re mad about. I just don’t think actual blue-collar workers actually give a shit that Lana hung out with the Waffle House workers when they have actual real problems
  4. It’s hilarious, because her pre-2010 dating history is just as convoluted: Josh, Arthur, Steven, Reeve (?), and Mike all within a five-ish year span
  5. Found it! It seems like this could be the article the tweet was referencing: Interesting that it lists a potential release for AKA in summer 2009, which could suggest that there was a plan B when the February release didn't take place... and yet it still didn't drop until the next year
  6. I feel like there’s a NY newspaper article from 08’-09’ that mentions God Bless America as the album’s prospective title! Bit vague on what the actual source is, but it’s definitely been posted somewhere around
  7. Literally such a dumb thing for ppl to say when she went on record talking about how happy the writing/recording process of AKA was and how inspired she felt
  8. This is a super interesting point! As someone from the southern US, I think that definitely feeds into my love for AKA — I’d never really thought about how those aesthetics would read outside of an American viewpoint
  9. Oh, you know I love to talk about HER I feel like another factor in AKA getting a bit buried is (maybe obviously) that she’s just released so many more albums. Like, even becoming a fan in the Honeymoon era, there were only 3 studio albums and an EP, as opposed to 5 more since then. New fans have a much larger, readily available back catalogue to explore, and probably aren’t as driven to find every scrap of music (although there are still plenty, as evidenced by this site!!). Do I think they’re making a huge mistake? Duh! I’ll always believe AKA should’ve been bigger in its own time, and should be way more valued as part of Lana’s artistic legacy now. It’s honestly bizarre that with a producer as well-known as David Kahne involved, it hasn’t had a widespread reappraisal… but we can hope, and until then, I’ll enjoy AKA being our best-kept surf noir secret
  10. “If I call you on the telephone, I might overdose / ‘cus I’m strong but I’m lonely / like Marilyn Monroe” is an all-timer for me and the rhythm of “Not since Bonnie & Clyde / was two kids so good at being bad, bad, bad / I’m flirtin’ with the checkout counter, baby / put the money in the bag” make it another absolute fave
  11. This makes so much more sense, she still recorded it herself but Zach provided the instrumental
  12. I thought VotD was self-recorded? It seems to pretty clearly be a laptop demo
  13. When she told the children this would be released
  14. The Instagram videos filmed off her cracked-ass phone screen of her screaming at a spider
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