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  1. True! After I found that out, it was so much easier to notice that SIYL was the earliest track on The Dreaming -- like I think she still integrated it really well, but it's easy to imagine the album going in a different direction based on that song
  2. Thanks! Honestly I had forgotten those existed, but I'm guessing I initially left them out as a conscious choice bc I always kind of ignore alt. mixes idk why I privileged SIYL single mix tho (ig there's also an early mix of Babooshka technically!! The first TV performance doesn't include any of the glass-breaking sound effects)
  3. I have a collection that is close to complete (or as complete as you're going to get): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HCD1nErhFVQZ5VN3ylCOEMn-h0dA7XdL?usp=sharing This has all her unreleased material, plus live recordings and most officially released stuff that can't be purchased/streamed officially anymore (down to her Christmas radio jingles ). There are a lot of b-sides you'd still need to seek out, because she re-released almost all of them officially in 2018, but I've got just about everything else Also shoutout @cherryblossoms for posting literally my fave K8 song that no one seems to care about
  4. Am I really the first person to pick White for my first one Yellow is a close second, though And then Red for the second image, no question
  5. Yayo - 7 Off To The Races - 6 (+) Ride - 9 West Coast - 9 The Blackest Day - 3 (-) Venice Bitch - 7 White Dress - 9
  6. Yayo - 6 Off To The Races - 6 Ride - 8 West Coast - 7 The Blackest Day - 5 13 Beaches - 2 (-) Venice Bitch - 5 White Dress - 9 Black Bathing Suit - 2 (+)
  7. I haven't really engaged with any of Florence's material since becoming a fan in the Lungs era ()... long time, I know, but I just couldn't get into any of the newer stuff, and it honestly got harder with each successive album. But, woah, just listened back-to-back to the three Dance Fever singles after being really intrigued by the title + artwork, and I feel right at home again! Especially in love with Heaven is Here, and super pumped for the album ...and definitely need to reappraise all of the albums between this one and Lungs lmfao
  8. Television Heaven is an absolute PEAK for me and I feel like it just doesn’t get its due credit… prime cutesy pop
  9. Just pre-ordered! This is so exciting — it’s clear that there’s been a lot of care put into this
  10. ooh I’m in if u have a free spot for me
  11. Love this so much!!! With all this in mind, where do you think she’s headed next artistically, @PARADIXO
  12. it’s gorgeous!!!!! and that’s what AKA deserves
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