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  1. I love it when a Lana song sneaks up on me.... like oh wait okay Cult Leader is one of her best
  2. Lizzy Grant is alive and breathing
  3. I went through all of my fanmade, era-specific albums + Lana’s released discography and picked my favorite track from each, creating a lil personal Best Of album! It’s all ordered roughly chronologically for a journey thru her career: Blizzard More Mountains Junky Pride Disco (Take 2) Mermaid Motel (Demo) Put Me in a Movie Dance for Money Every Man Gets His Wish (v.1) Greenwich Never Let Me Go (Concept Demo) Daddy Issues 1949 Are You Ready? St. Tropez Television Heaven Back to tha Basics Hollywood’s Dead Driving in Cars with Boys (v.2) Off to the Races Ridin’ Yayo Nectar of the Gods I Talk to Jesus (v.2) Florida Kilos Salvatore Stargirl Interlude Heroin Thunder (Demo) Mariners Apartment Complex Dark But Just a Game Watercolor Eyes
  4. This is exactly the kind of Lizzinferencing I'm living for! Definitely going to add this to the timeline, I'd never even put that together
  5. Giving me extreme flashbacks to circa 2015 Lanaboards and the rumored photo of Lizzy smoking weed on the reservation kind of feel like I dreamt that, but
  6. this is so helpful, omfg!!!! I knew we had a bunch of threads for stuff like this, but trying to pull them altogether can be a headache I'll definitely be adding a bunch of dates now
  7. I shared this kind of a long time ago, but it seems like there's been a resurgence in Lana/Lizzy sleuthing as of late: Lizzy Grant - Timeline This is a timeline I cooked up several years ago, covering the period from the beginning of LDR's professional career (currently Nov. '03, ostensibly her first professional modeling shots), to the official release of AKA, cementing the Lana Del Ray moniker and ending the Lizzy Grant era proper. It's supposed to be as comprehensive as possible, even including tweets/social media posts/etc., but it's been quite a bit since I really combed through the info and checked to see what I'm missing. Currently, events with specific dates have been prioritized, but I'd love some thoughts on whether this should also include more approximate/unknown dates and events. @lizzyology @honeybadger @Surf Noir -- tagging some Lizzy experts off the top of my head please feel free to look through and contribute if you see anything missing/incorrect/etc.! This is a pretty old project, so I'm very open to any help and constructive criticism you've got
  8. You’re my personal savior this is so great to have, thank you legend!!!
  9. Got bored and did one of those song sorter things for all the unleaked we know of... here are my top 15 most wanted We don't know of anyone with LMH (MAYBE David Kahne?!), and a demo of Marilyn may not even exist... so I guess I'm putting my energy into campaigning for GREENWICH ACID It's a little depressing that (I think) it & Star Lux are the only ones on the list with any sizeable chance of leaking
  10. Omg hey love ur ~social media presence~ too bestie!! I wanna say it was a while before YAIL, which yeah is really hilarious to happen twice
  11. It also got teased as Morricone …and do I still keep a pitched-up version of this track in my iTunes?
  12. True! After I found that out, it was so much easier to notice that SIYL was the earliest track on The Dreaming -- like I think she still integrated it really well, but it's easy to imagine the album going in a different direction based on that song
  13. Thanks! Honestly I had forgotten those existed, but I'm guessing I initially left them out as a conscious choice bc I always kind of ignore alt. mixes idk why I privileged SIYL single mix tho (ig there's also an early mix of Babooshka technically!! The first TV performance doesn't include any of the glass-breaking sound effects)
  14. I have a collection that is close to complete (or as complete as you're going to get): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HCD1nErhFVQZ5VN3ylCOEMn-h0dA7XdL?usp=sharing This has all her unreleased material, plus live recordings and most officially released stuff that can't be purchased/streamed officially anymore (down to her Christmas radio jingles ). There are a lot of b-sides you'd still need to seek out, because she re-released almost all of them officially in 2018, but I've got just about everything else Also shoutout @cherryblossoms for posting literally my fave K8 song that no one seems to care about
  15. Am I really the first person to pick White for my first one Yellow is a close second, though And then Red for the second image, no question
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