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  1. This might just be me, but Lana’s freestyling on this track makes me think of Your Girl every single time, particularly “late at night / lady on the side” (or whatever the actual lyric is lmfao)
  2. I feel like this is a perfect setlist that’s actually attainable! It’s a great cross-section of stuff the general Coachella audience would enjoy and tracks we’d get an extra kick out of her performing. Everyone wins with this one
  3. Yeah like I’m at a point where even when she’s genuinely baffling I don’t love her any less. Like she can get away with anything and I will still be stanning just as hard
  4. This was a crazy night and I’m glad we were all here together I’ll need proof tomorrow that the Hope hologram actually existed
  5. Okay now she’s coming back out to do Lasso tracks
  6. Lana said hold awn lemme make the vibes fucking scary real quick
  7. I don’t know if this is genius or insane… feeling unsettled
  8. Lana’s just chillin on the porch with Billie she don’t even gaf
  9. She said no this isn’t Coachella… it’s a jazz bar and it’s my third show of the night and you’re going to like it
  10. Why is her singing normal sentences a highlight of her Coachella set
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