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  1. The whole "cocoa puff"/"ko-ko bop" debate is so fucking funny to me because like every girl I went to kindergarten with was OBSESSED with Down, Down Baby... so when I first heard the song there was ZERO question in my mind that she was saying "Jimmy, Jimmy cocoa puff" and I loved the reference, only to find that everyone was at WAR about it That being said, I'm still a cocoa puff truther From some ~independent research~, it looks like "Down, Down Baby" has gone the route of virtually every playground chant, and separate variants have emerged with either "ko-ko bop" or "cocoa puff," the second of which is way less documented online. HOWEVER (!) as a child of the early 2000s, I wouldn't doubt that Country Grammar had some effect on spreading the "cocoa puff" variant. Like, I remember this rhyme circa 2005-6, so that's not too far out from the song being released. Besides, interpolating a playground chant into a bratty slut anthem is so very Lana, yes
  2. Thought long and hard about this, and I think my top 5 are: 1. Flaunt - The David LaChapelle shoot constantly competes for my favorite ever, and I love everything about this cover. The colors, the found photo, the cheeky camp sensibility... whew 2. Billboard (2012) - A rare cover appearance by blonde Lana, in another of my favorite photoshoots. I've said it before, but this one is the perfect bridge between Lizzy and Lana, and kind of captures the best of both worlds 3. Q (2012) [Cover 2] - This one's the subscribers-only edition that's a tight closeup on Lana's face (posted earlier in the thread!). It's so intense and unexpected, and who doesn't love a Carrie moment 4. V (2017) - Another perfect shoot, crazy considering I thought she'd never top her first V cover with Steven Klein. This isn't even my favorite photo from the set, but it's still drop-dead gorgeous. Sophisticated, stunning, and just off-kilter enough to be LDR 5. Interview (2023) - The new cover!!!!! Nadia Lee Cohen has been on my radar for a long time now, and I never even considered how well she'd work with Lana. Totally genius, LDR looks like a broken-down bridal mannequin and I live for it. The shoot we always needed Honorable mentions include: Spex, Lovecat, Interview (2012) [the monochrome German cover edges out the Russian cover ever-so-slightly], and V (2015) For what it's worth, I ranked all of her major magazine covers bc I had a day off lmao and bottom position was Rolling Stone (2019)... no hate to Elton John but she looked weird and the cover was boring. Worst solo cover was California Style, which is one of the few I own I think she looks pretty and I like the green but god something about it is giving limp, dead fish
  3. Saw this dropped while I was at work today, and almost listened to it then... but, I waited 'til I got home, loaded a bowl (), and made listening to A&W an event. And, holy fuck, I'm so glad I did!!!!!! I can't remember the last time a new LDR release blew me away like this -- MAC came close, but this is just like... next-level I'll always ride for Lana, and I've really appreciated her recent work, but it's been a while since a new track had me so excited!! Genuinely feels both totally unexpected and exactly what we've all wanted from Lana, and between this and the title track I absolutely can't imagine how great this album is going to be. Like it's gonna be her masterpiece right
  4. She only released the title track bc she saw a snippet leak and knew we’d pay attention
  5. Fingertips is calling me and thank you so much for doing this!
  6. I choose End of a Friendship! quinnie - man Field of Mud - Camille Jansen First Love/Late Spring - Mitski Nobody Gets Me - SZA Backup Plan - Maya Hawke Paper Bag - Fiona Apple Writer In The Dark - Lorde I Know - Fiona Apple Monster Man - Jesse Jo Stark Last Drink - Daniele Luppi, Greg Gonzales The Longing - Tamino Your Best American Girl - Mitski Phantom - Rina Sawayama Billie Toppy - Men I Trust Buddy's Rendezvous - Lana Del Rey, Father John Misty God Turn Me Into a Flower - Weyes Blood Would've, Could've, Should've - Taylor Swift Suite: Jonny - Faye Webster Watercolor Eyes - Lana Del Rey Posing for Cars - Japanese Breakfast Lovesong - beabadoobee Labyrinth - Taylor Swift End of a Friendship - Julia Jacklin 1. quinnie - man 2. Field of Mud - Camille Jansen
  7. Cinnamon Girl vs. Every Man Gets His Wish
  8. This is so cool! I didn't know either of these songs, but after listening (thanks for the YT links ), I choose Posing for Cars! So now, it's: 1. vs. 2.
  9. 1. Fishtail 2. Fingertips 3. Taco Truck 4. Paris, Texas 5. Judah Smith Interlude 6. American Whore 7. Grandfather [...] 8. The Grants 9. There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd 10. Sweet 11. Peppers 12. Kintsugi 13. Candy Necklace 14. Jon Batiste Interlude 15. Margaret 16. Let the Light In
  10. I've been thinking about this project a lot since I announced it four years ago (!!), but somehow never got around to actually starting it I guess I was inspired by all of the recent sleuthing and analysis, though, and now the wait is officially over! I've kicked off the blog with a post about my all-time favorite Lana track, and I'd love if you'd give it a read and let me know what you think https://lanasongs.wordpress.com/2023/01/09/put-me-in-a-movie/
  11. @BlackoutZone, it seems like a lot of songs we've gotten information on semi-recently (Dark City, Sugary Sweet, etc.) are incomplete concepts. With the amount of fully realized tracks still waiting in the vaults, I have a feeling that there's so many more like these than we could've anticipated, as well as self-recorded demos/voice notes and studio riffs like Daddy's Girl. Are you aware of many other unfinished/conceptual tracks that are particularly interesting? Why do I feel like I'm asking questions at a press conference when I post in this thread
  12. Don't let that stop you, icon -- the guests at the hotel I work at had no idea that their rooms were delayed today bc I was too busy reading about Patrick Warren stem edits to make their beds
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