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  1. SCREAMING LMAO I love the Lana child subplot
  2. do y'all separately label your Lizzy/Lana material, or keep it all together? I started separating Lizzy material a few years back, and it just feels so right
  3. Just made a graphic of my Top 20, and thought I'd share
  4. I'm pretty sure this and Methamphetamines are from 2008! I've never known where the whole 2006 thing came from, bc the video for Methamphetamines is def 2008 and that's where the audio came from Plus, I don't think we have any other laptop demos that are older than '07
  5. icon I was still in need thank you!!!!!
  6. Ever since the Leak Which Shall Not Be Named -- which I initially, unfortunately downloaded and listened to bc of stupid curiosity -- I've been feeling kind of icky every time I try to listen to any of the unreleased LDR stuff I have. It's not that I'd never thought about Lana's privacy and dignity before this leak, but something about this one really unsettled me and put a bad taste in my mouth with leaked content in general. The feeling will probably pass, but have any of you had similar moral dilemmas over listening to Lana leaks? Like, I know it's fundamentally wrong, but at the same time, I know Lana obvs doesn't seem as fervently upset about leaked content (as a whole, specific songs notwithstanding) as she used to be -- plus, it's such a wealth of music that I've grown so close to, and it feels weird to imagine abandoning all of it for good. I just don't know -- but regardless, right now, I feel too weird to listen to any of the unreleased stuff :/
  7. the piano version from her live show takes it in such a different direction, and I'm inclined to say it really WORKS
  8. Honestly super weird that Lana did a Daniel Johnston cover and produced a doc on him (with Mac Miller????) ... just very left-field
  9. totally! frustrating that we even have thumbnails for some performance vids that once existed what I wouldn’t do to hear the rest of AKA live (Kill Kill!! ) or even have a full version of PMIAM — the performance of that is GODLY and the fact that we have the full CLEF show with a totally unknown song???? wild!
  10. the fact that we have as many live recordings from the Lizzy era as we do blows my mind — what are the odds that so many people would film this lil no-name indie singer in NY bars and hole-in-the-wall venues — AND that the footage didn’t get lost?? and the fact that professional footage/an interview exist from 2006??? insane
  11. Did we get a quality upgrade on Money Hunny when the Phenomena mixtape leaked? I have a file sitting in my folder that sounds *maybe* better to my ears, but I couldn't swear to it
  12. the way this combo snapped >>>>>>>>
  13. F: St. Tropez M: Caught You Boy K: Dynamite ------------------------------ Disco Heroin Is It Wrong?
  14. to me, it sounds like it starts with that ‘L’ sound — tire lie???? entire lie??? only the second one makes any sense but it still feels like a stretch
  15. still love this song immensely and still bothered by whatever she says that’s definitely not “tiara”... that ‘L’ sound is killin me
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