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  1. great idea!! 1. White Dress 2. Tulsa Jesus Freak 3. Wild at Heart 4. Dark but Just a Game 5. Dance Till We Die 6. Yosemite 7. Not All Who Wander are Lost 8. For Free 9. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 10. Let Me Love You like a Woman 11. Breaking Up Slowly
  2. it'd be one thing if she were just defending herself and refuting false accusations, but it always turns into her making it seem like the world's against her and nobody is getting criticized like she is. it never sounds like she's striving for clarity, it sounds like she's striving for some kinda vengeance against anyone who tries to disagree with her or even genuinely misunderstands her in 2012? maybe yeah the press was pretty stacked against her. but it's 2021 and most of what gets levelled at her isn't coming out of nowhere, it's usually pretty rooted in her own comments and actions
  3. that's fair lmao! maybe some of the content of that interview would sway my stance but I'm not convinced that it's going to erase every issue I had coming out of this video
  4. was I the only one who was pissed off about this one sorry if I sound insane then but I stg I never rant on here like this, something abt this vid really just rubbed me the wrong way
  5. I normally try to "focus on the music" (to quote Lana herself) when it comes to LDR and not get embroiled in the weird, personal drama that's cropped up with her in the past couple years, especially, but... I think she's spouting bullshit here to some degree, and it made me angry. Putting this under a spoiler bc there's a lot lmao I'm sorry if this sounds extreme or if I'm being too harsh on Lana, but this video really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't like discussing this kind of thing, especially here, but God, it's all just a little much.
  6. I'm a little bit drunk typign this bc my family decided to all get drunk together the night before thanksgiving??? huh??? so this is the product of a few glasses of bacardi but I'm just... sometimes I hate that Lana is my favorite artist ever, but also like... she means SO much to me. It's insane. The amount I know about Lana is insane, and it's unmatched by any other artist bc she just resonates with me on some other level like... Lana is such an integral part of the fabric of my life. I can listen to Yayo or Salvatore or Change and relate it back to such a specific point in my life and YET it still remains relevant?? like man I'm going on 6 years of harcorde stannage and it's crazy how much she's just folded herself into my everyday life... feels a little bit nuts but I'll take it. and like sometimes I'm like wait why is she my favorite artist but then I listen to something like Put Me in a Movie or Driving in Cars with Boys or Trash Magic (IK i just named only unreleased stuff but) and I'm amazed at how at home I feel listening to her music, like it just feels like second nature at this point. and it feels like second nature to be able to recall who produced which unreleased track and to be able to identify which candids came from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conferences and which songs were posted on the May Jailer myspace and like??? I know it's a little obsessive and crazy but it's only bc there's something really deep in me that Lana's music and artistry just *gets*. I look at a picture of Lizzy on the Wave Swinger at Coney Island and I'm like... dude, that's a kindred spirit. She gets it. Beware the Dazzle toothpaste scam? hell yes. Retweet. So yeah, and by extension, Lanaboards has become such a special place for me -- you're all such familiar and kind faces and even tho some of y'all have wack-ass opinions and make threads about feet it's like... I love the hell out of you. and I love this place. and it's insane to think about how much LB was a part of my adolescence bc I joined at 15 and it was just as much a part of high school as my friends I saw at school every day. Like checking out the newest @Trash Magic cover concept or reading the newest @Be Free tea in an Early Shows thread or jamming to the newest Lizzy Grant leak has just become a normal part of my life. And I love that. I lvoe that this music means so much to me and I love that you all mean so much to me. Thank you to all of you, and thank you to Lana for this music, and like.... man. I feel grateful. I'm happy this place exists, and happy Lana exists, even tho she's problematic, and I love all of this. Thanks, y'all
  7. FUCK THIS WORLD I'M LEAVIIIIIIIIING just when i was getting comfortable with Blondna this dark brown is like... objectively the worst LDR hair color sorry EDIT: yes i am just realizing the irony of her brunette Put Me in a Movie look being my favorite LDR moment and my profile pic
  8. I started looking at her Facebook, and totally didn’t realize she posted a snippet of Body Language as early as 2016 — I didn’t realize that song went back that far! This makes me wish we could construct an Isolation recording chronology, since we also know at least (?) that Flight 22 was also a pretty old track
  9. just came here to say that exactly! LOVING the album so far — I didn’t dig the singles so I was pretty nervous, but Aqui Yo Mando already sounds so much better in context and tbfh this album is giving me more Drunken Babble than Por Vida and Isolation and I kinda love that
  10. This was tough, but... Axl Rose Husband/White Pontiac Heaven (Studio version[s?]) Lemonade Motorcycle Heaven Malibu Off to the Races (Demo) Talking Like an Answering Machine + runner-up: Greenwich Acid (if we're really stretching it, then I'm asking for a complete live version of Put Me in a Movie -- I'm talking to you, National Underground and Arlene's Grocery -- or the scrapped Cherry video)
  11. hella late but I've got Call Your Girlfriend if you still need it -- idk if the other two are even in circulation
  12. well girls n gays, we got our one manic burst of Lana activity on social media for a while — see ya again in a few months
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