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  1. only she can look so fresh faced and pretty before boarding a flight
  2. anybody else feel disappointed when you realize some of your fave Lana lyric lines, track names or production etc end up being an “inspiration” and not original? don’t get me wrong, i do think she does it tastefully. bur when you don’t recognize the reference and think she’s a genius for coming up with stuff on her own...
  3. if i remember correctly, that trailer park isn’t there anymore. but yes it would be a full circle moment.
  4. but she only does it to Michigan daily or random stan accounts
  5. i just realized the caption is a haiku xx poetry queen
  6. omg i know it was shaped like a foot, i just know it
  7. 99centlips

    Kali Uchis

    thinking about when lana said “i can tell kali does her own visuals all by herself” and if it was a subtle drag
  8. 99centlips


    how could you hate her! she’s blessed lyrically! and writes everything herself it’s impressive
  9. 99centlips


    i’ve been listening to her all day! she has SO much music not on streaming
  10. 99centlips


    okay now that i’m listening to it, i think you may be right. “we’ve done it a million times” “i will follow for a little piece of heaven, ready to drown” damn this song is dark as hell.
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