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  1. her show was outstanding! and definitely helped me enjoy the album much more.
  2. and karma is good too!
  3. no more suckers and orange trees are both sooo cringey but i still love them and they are fun to sing along to
  4. I’ve listen to Hope million times today. Its so haunting and personal. I always forget that it’s on NFR cause it seems like a “winter” song to me since it was released in January. I get why Jack said it’s one his favorites.
  5. let’s remember how long it took her to edit the video for the song NFR....
  6. i wish the unedited version would leak. i need the “amy and whitney” part
  7. yeah definitely makes sense that she posted him on her story so soon too!
  8. one of the greatest songs of all time. kreayshawn was robbed of a career
  9. life will go back to normal eventually. i try to keep positive. it can’t be like this forever and we are living through history!
  10. i’m rewatching videos from the house of blues san diego show i went to in 2017 and WOW those two promo shows were so amazing. she mixed up the playlist and was so present and excited. i miss 2017! can we get some FIRE in COCC??
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