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  1. 99centlips


    Lorde might come if you give 2 back his intellectual property
  2. definitely the dark toner fading...her hair is still super bleached under all that toner
  3. personally, i’m looking forward to the release of UFB
  4. yeah idk what she was thinking with these “singles” honestly now that it’s been a few months since cocc released, i can say it’s a pretty weak album besides tjf, the title track and white dress (in that order ). all of the rest of the songs are forgettable what’s really sad is these 3 singles are also v forgettable and i’m scared for the rest of the album i’m even starting to appreciate nfr more and more now
  5. they’re giving her too much credit....she won’t even edit the background or anything like that i promise any edits she adds will make the picture WORSE not better i promise
  6. “jenny handed me a beer” ?? is miss churchome drinking again?
  7. tulsa jesus freak was her last powerful, melodic song imo
  8. ladies please! we are not getting an album on june 1st or july 4th. can we stop feeding the troll monster?? she just gets worse and worse each year.
  9. yes i knew lana was lying about september 5th just like i know she’s lying about june 1st and july 4th
  10. pls don’t bring up the typewriter before she gets any ideas
  11. he said “sitting in my undies on your couch”
  12. didn’t barrie say he found out they broke up from an article/interview? mr. “privacy” is on BORROWED time whoops just scrolled up
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