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  1. i’m thinking she probably had a radio interview set up for the single release but since it went so terribly last time, it’s cancelled. and the no promo is a big “fuck off”
  2. shoplanadelrey you can just add like 200 into your cart, click pre order again on the page and it will say “Alll 163 are already in your cart” universal store is trickier, you gotta mess with the coding but the same concept
  3. this website automatically changes the cart quantity to 99 i'll keep messing around with it
  4. there may be! around 10 or so are selling a day right now. I’ll definitely let everyone know when it’s under 50 on each site
  5. hi! 175 on shoplanadelrey, 221 on universal store
  6. the whole house is very messy lol did you see her room in the igtv video
  7. i think the 3rd pd will come with the single announcement
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