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  1. Just to add to the discourse, I’m sure nobody even really cares that much about the lyrics of Girls. I guess we all just acknowledge that the lyrics are a bit cringe and problematic (I don’t even want to say problematic because that’s too strong of a word) because Marina pointed about how shocked she is that she wrote a song like that. We all just took it as silly and camp but since she’s on this LA influencer journey, she made a big thing out of nothing
  2. I've only just bothered reading the acknowledgements page and it says "If you follow me on instagram, you thought this book was going to be written in emojis, didn't you? 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹" She makes me smile. Love her ❤️
  3. She has said she never had a drinking problem and the only drug she liked to take back in 2007 was ADHD medication (she was randomly drug tested a lot back then and every one came back negative). Pretty tame compared to the rest of Hollywood. She was put into a conservatorship by the vultures around her taking advantage of her suffering from postnatal depression and general life stressors that had been building since her childhood. Not a single thing she has ever done (then or now) has warranted a conservatorship. They actually tried to say she had dementia too to keep it going in the beginning 💀 There’s a whole rabbit hole you could go down regarding the medical malpractice in the court case. It’s genuinely shocking. Plus, if she was that impaired, why did they let her perform like 100ft in the air over open flames and all the other stuff they made her do in later years? I think it’s important to stress that this conservatorship has NEVER been necessary. I hope this didn’t come off as aggressive. I just feel very passionate about it so I’ve just thrown a wall of text at u
  4. Crossroads in the cinema was AMAZING. So happy that my first watch was on the big screen surrounded by other Britney fans singing along. She was so good in the film. How can one person be so beautiful and sweet and talented
  5. To be fair, her lawyer has told us that she can’t comment on it yet because they’re still in the middle of a court battle. It’s a known thing that you shouldn’t comment on a case while it’s still in progress. Also, until it’s sorted in court, I seriously doubt the publishing house would take the risk of being sued by the other powerful parties involved so it does make sense
  6. Yeah. Some book stores in Brazil(?) put it out early and people bought them and shared it online. B’s team caught wind of it and got it off the shelves pretty quick but it’s already out there now :/
  7. Embarrassing https://x.com/BritneyTheStan/status/1714710485352730907?t=Go9XNi96g4VKJc2a5s-1Vw&s=09
  8. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for celebs to do interviews like this via email. I can see why she’d prefer email because she’d have more time to choose the right words and get her point across in a way that can’t be misconstrued as opposed to being put on the spot in a phone call. Plus, this is such a hard and raw topic - she probably didn’t want to get emotional in front of the interviewer. I think email was a smart choice from her
  9. I love how the strings sound a bit off harmonically (I think the word I mean is dissonance but I’m not sure) for a quick sec when they slide up from the bridge to the last chorus of ocean blvd. And can’t forget to include when she whispers “spirits creeping” in raise me up
  10. Just bought my ticket to see Crossroads in the cinema. I love that they're showing it again for her book release. I'm so excited
  11. Even if the messages do turn out to be real, they don't prove anything, especially since we know her sons exaggerate and lie about her. Remember when the boys made out that Brit was treating them so horrifically because she told them off for being rude and wouldn't allow them to go barefoot into an ice cream shop? They got laughed at by everyone on the Internet as they should've been. Kevin, her family and the rest of team con have raised those boys to be completely out of touch and disrespectful. I hope they get some sense knocked into them fast for Britney's sake but I'm not going to hold my breath
  12. I actually made this because I didn't think anybody else was going to. Its not very good but it needed to be done 😪
  13. Is anyone here good with making music/editing stems, etc...? Someone made an AI mix of the froot demo vocals and I'd love to hear it with an instrumental that sounds like the demo https://on.soundcloud.com/3ri4c
  14. To be fair, it’s not like they haven’t used OLD pics of Britney before. The cover of Pretty Girls is a composite from her 1999 Rolling Stones photoshoot. Britney has told is that she is sick of photoshoots and having her picture taken so it makes sense that she’d choose an old one that she feels beautiful in. I’d also prefer a newer pic but it’s her choice. As for no live performances, promo, etc…, she’s said a million times that she’s done with the industry so why would she? Making the music and being creative is the fun part so I don’t blame her for only doing that. She’s told us how live performances can be draining and how promo like interviews stress her out and how interviewers have treated her badly. I guess she just wants to engage in the fun part of the industry while using her name to pick up the slack in the more taxing parts of music releases. I don’t think it matters when she recorded the vocals as long as she has signed off on them which I believe she has. That’s just my opinion anyways
  15. This is infinitely better This song does have potential to be a cute little summer jam. I think they needed to pad out the instrumental and calm down with the vocal effects. I can see it being big on tiktok and insta but who knows. Hopefully we'll get some good remixes
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