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  1. discography a descriptive catalogue of musical recordings, particularly those of a particular performer or composer. Anyways let's just move on. I didn't think it'd be so divisive
  2. I understand why you think. Obviously since I’m not Lana, I don’t actually know what she’s been most passionate about her whole life but IMO she’s put the most time and effort into being a songwriter and mastering that craft so that’s her main thing from my perspective. Plus it is her actual job. Her whole life revolves around being a musician so yeah that’s why I personally see poetry as a side passion in comparison
  3. Poetry and songwriting are different crafts. Just because you can write a beautiful poem does not mean you can write song lyrics and vice versa. If she writes a book of short stories, are we going to count that as a LDR album because writing is the core of her songs? Nope Sorry if this sounds bitchy. I don't mean for it to come across like that
  4. Counting Violets as an album is dumb. Idc if Lana does it or not, I refuse. It’s not a musical album so I’m not including it as part of a musician’s discography - just like I wouldn’t count a musical album in a poet’s body of work. It’s a side passion, emphasis on side
  5. Beyoncé and Xtina. They’re insanely talented singers but I just don’t like the sound of their voices most of the time. Too harsh for me and I don’t like how much they over sing live
  6. anyways… The Family Jewels Mowgli’s Road Guilty The Outsider Electra Heart Living Dead Sex Yeah Valley of the Dolls FROOT Blue Froot Immortal LOVE + FEAR Emotional Machine End of the Earth Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Venus Fly Trap Pandora’s Box
  7. Yeah I kind of assumed it was YouTube doing this to her again but I had a tiny bit of hope anyways
  8. Does anyone have any info about this?
  9. 1. The Blackest Day 2. Carmen 3. Shades of Cool 4. Bartender 5. Heroin 6. 13 Beaches 7. Cruel World 8. Yayo (aka version) 9. Wildflower Wildfire
  10. I assume that she deactivates her Instagram whenever the asshole commenters get to her. Her other socials are much more positive for the most part so I get why she’d drop off one platform and not others. I don’t think there’s another shadey thing going on with her social media accounts. Brit is fully in charge now so she’d fire them if she wasn’t happy. I think the problem is that she doesn’t run her account like other celebs because she’s so open and down to earth. I’m sure that her social media managers don’t know how to handle that so there’s probably a bit of miscommunication between her and her social media team at times
  11. Music in general has been on a MASSIVE decline since 2013 and I fully blame social media. Remember when singers/writers/performers got famous because they actually had immense talent and worked really hard? Back then, you’d have to be super talented and be in the right place at the right time/know people in the industry. Now, all you have to do is post a video to YouTube or tiktok and you’re an ”artist”. I think most artists now go into music because they like music and singing - not because it is their sole passion to make music and can’t even fathom doing anything else with their life These new artists take up space in the industry and then there’s no room for all the real musicians, hence the decline of music and why nobody around now can compete with the stars pre 2013
  12. Cannot get over how beautiful she is here Also, this whole show is pure magic We need a studio version of Lolita in style
  13. Absolutely no unreleased and previously leaked songs should ever be put on future albums UNLESS they’re from the sirens era. I’d love to hear those songs reworked with LDR production levels
  14. I do and have always lived in the UK so I’m well aware of her role in this country’s history and current climate - good and bad. I’m putting my gripe in a spoiler since I know some are grieving and don’t want to hear it which is fair enough and I respect that.
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