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  1. 1) Honeymoon 2) Ultraviolence/BTD 3) AKA/Paradise 4) Lust For Life 5) Blue Banisters 6) COCC/NFR
  2. I said her most cohesive - not that it was 100% cohesive at all times in every way. For the record, 24 and HBTB do fit with the album. 24 carries on the theme of time and it has a bold, warm sound that matches other songs such as Salvatore. HBTB has trap elements like Art Deco and it carries on the theme of issues relating to fame and relationships. Plus we all know that Interscope told Lana to make a more radio-friendly track and HBTB is what she came up with. Are UV and Sirens really your favourite albums if you can’t twerk to them?
  3. HM is her most cohesive album aesthetically, sonically, structurally, thematically, etc…
  4. I don’t think she’ll ever meet the standard of BTD, UV and HM again
  5. I know this is jumping the gun but I pray to God that once Britney is free, she’ll help Amanda Bynes in some way. Imagine telling everyone that your father touched himself in front of you and tried to have sex with you when you were a kid and then a judge grants him the title of conservator. Imagine someone stealing your phone, writing embarrassing tweets to make you look crazy and then putting you under a psychiatric hold and not telling you when it’ll end. They take her phone away whenever she tries to tell people about the conservatorship and they drug her. I’m sure there’s heaps more of abuse going on. The similarities between the cases are INSANE. It’s scary to me that everyone is fighting Britney’s corner (as they should) but most people think Amanda deserves the abuse or they just don’t care. A lot of the same people are involved in both conservatorships e.g. Sam Lutfi and even Lou is sticking her nose in. That’s everyone’s first clue that something corrupt is going on
  6. I totally agree. I don’t blame her either though. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have hundreds of thousands of people send you unnecessary hate on the most insignificant things. It’s like being bullied in high school except your bullies aren’t a few popular kids, it’s a million strangers. It’s not your teenage bullies spreading gossip in class or through dms, instead the gossip is plastered across magazines and news articles. It’s bullying on an immense scale. No wonder so many celebs have ended their lives or had their lives ended by drugs, etc… The highs of the job are extremely high - being praised for what you love to do, being rich, and having people adore you. However, the lows are catastrophically low. I don’t think I could live my life like that. Hopefully, her distancing herself will provide her with some mental stability and the ability to differentiate between hate and genuine criticism
  7. She’s more than likely upset with the reaction to her engagement (or at least that was the last straw). Yesterday she posted that pic of her ass saying “since yall want to talk shit… kiss my ass” and today Sam’s best friend posted “ask Octavia” as a response to this whole #whereisBritney thing. Turns out thousands of people telling you to get a prenup instead of congratulating you isn’t very nice Honestly good for her. She doesn’t deserve all these trolls and socially inept people commenting on her personal life
  8. It’s probably best for her musically too. I don’t vibe with her lyrics when they’re about things that social media has caused, e.g. writing about the media misunderstanding her, using internet slang or virtue signalling due to hate, etc… When she was talking about her revenge and the end clips of Arcadia video, I thought the whole “I don’t give a fuck” thing was her protesting a bit too much. I don’t think she has that attitude deep down. I think she gives too much of a fuck hence why a lot of her lyrics now revolve around the public’s perception of her. Hopefully, she can learn to be unbothered by the masses now that she’s out of the public eye. It must absolutely destroy someone’s mental health
  9. It’s just so horrible. You can tell it’s pissing Britney and Sam off because of Sam and his friends interactions on social media and by using common sense. Why do people think it’s acceptable?? If these dumbasses had even one brain cell, they’d know that Brit had a prenup with Kevin and a prenup with Sam is on the way. She’s not blinded by love. She’s a smart cookie and looks out for her best interests where possible. Commenting “prenup” is the new “is Britney okay”. Just assholes trying to get likes. I hope she knows the real fans aren’t commenting that shit
  10. This morning I was so happy to see that she’s engaged but seeing all of the prenup and “I don’t trust Sam” comments have really put a downer on it for me. Can’t this girl just have a happy moment without the public raining on her parade?? I find funny how these ‘fans’ are fighting for her freedom to make her own decisions yet they’re shitting over the decisions she’s making now. People need to get a life and leave Britney and Sam alone
  11. I wholeheartedly agree. Personally I think Barrie is the only person who compliments her voice. It’s a shame that they didn’t work out because Riverside is beautiful. I feel like she’d fit well on a lot of his songs
  12. I finally got around to watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I’m obsessed. I’m going on an Angel binge next
  13. Miss Elle should start removing some people from this website or at least give out warning points because the amount of ignorance and low emotional intelligence is mind blowing
  14. He prays for love, he prays for peace Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare Think I’ll miss you forever like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky My rose garden dreams set on fire by fiends California dreaming
  15. Ofc. Honeymoon will never be topped
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