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  1. i love when she talks about fordham and her beginnings in music she looks so classy too #lanaforpresindent
  2. kate bush - breathing - the wedding list - the sensual world - deeper understanding - james and the cold gun - sat in your lap fiona apple - not about love - slow like honey - i know - shadowboxer - werewolf - limp
  3. all i get is nostalgia from that year and the years after that... it took me quite some time to notice this was MY album. back in the day i didn't had spotify so i listened to it through youtube and soudcloud . i was imediatly moved by sad girl - i still love the instrumental. others songs i started liking with time - such as when my dad had to move to other state and all i had in my head was old money. and it was just like that, every song a memory. like when brooklyn baby was released and all i could think about was the guy in my school, when i had to move to other state leaving everything i knew behind while crying to flipside love you to death xoxo. and im manifesting flipside and is this happiness on all streaming plataforms next week to celebrate
  4. omg i dont know if it's related but i was unable to login since early morning. i often log out and log in all the time (at least on this shared PC) but even typing carefully my username and password correctly, it was not working - it wasn't even notified if something was misstyped, just the login screen all blank. and i was trying to login, but with the note on top of the homepage i thought this would be fixed soon anyways i had to reset my password to log i dont know if its related to the bugs we are facing but i'll just leave it registered here in case someone is facing the same issues.
  5. The security who is following her down the barricade is so hot 🫦
  6. i was excited about this and quite liked it. production is very good and side A is the best, but as other people pointed out here the shift mid-song was too much i didnt really gagged when it happened and it was kinda frustating when the first seconds/half of the track were good and then goes into a different and boring direction.
  7. peppers getting the appreciation it deserves her light is sooo bright these days im loving to see it


    oh it was amazing im so happy to watch madonna perform even from afar and im happy for every one who attended to this show! 40 years into her carrer and no one came near to what she did or does


  10. oh i loved! i thought i would hate it/be disappointed but since i didn't listen to no single before i guess i had no clue to what expect
  11. oh so i never learn just turned 10! i only listened to it in 2016 and im glad i took so long to hear otherwise i think i would have crumbled title track one of the best song all time
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