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  1. Y'all Melanie looks so beautiful in those photos she posted on Instagram. Don't give up on it yet. I'm sure it will be out soon. I hope it will come out before The Trilogy Tour starts.
  2. I'm still not over Televangelism playing in the background of an episode of Invincible.
  3. Elita will be joining Melanie on The Trilogy Tour in September (the first four shows). I would share the photo but idk how to do that 😭. Before that Elita will be going on tour next month.
  4. I'm hoping Nicole will post something by the end of the month bc I'm dying for an update on music videos and the next album.
  5. She won't perform unreleased music. Haunted is one of my favorite unreleased songs as well. I wish it was released.
  6. I have been listening to Eternal Sunshine almost every day since it came out. The only complaints I have are: it's a bit too short, Yes, And? shouldn't be on the album (it doesn't fit with the rest of the songs on the album). The concept is great. The lyrics are great. The music video for We Can't Be Friends (Wait For Your Love) makes me cry everytime I watch it (it's my favorite music video of hers). I might go back and really listen to her other albums. I started listening to her albums when Sweetener came out and I only liked a few songs on it (it was the same with Thank You, Next although I like Thank You, Next a bit more than Sweetener). I like a few songs on Positions as well.
  7. I just watched this video a minute ago and thought I'd share it here.
  8. This is exactly what I've been thinking since the album came out. I love those songs but they don't fit with the concept.
  9. I saw some interview about a week or two ago I think Melanie said she hasn't started writing any songs for the next album (if she hasn't she might start writing for it later this year). I think she's trying to figure out what direction to go in. Also that last part I agree 100%. A lot of the PORTALS outtakes were bops. I know most of them weren't finished but most of them should've been released. We're most likely not getting another album until 2027/2028. She'll go MIA at the end of this year until then.
  10. I LOVE this. I hope it's on MIMA b sides. https://youtu.be/M00LpEUj_X4?si=szVMSE7RYpCDBzkQ
  11. I get that the concept of PORTALS is the cycle of life and death, but only the first five songs and WOMB make sense (if you read what Melanie wrote for Apple Music). But the rest of the songs sound like filler (idk if that's the right word). I like the album but I don't get why it's considered part of Cry Baby's story.
  12. We need more K-12 outtakes. And that oh No! song from the After School sessions needs to leak at this point (I know that's not the official title).
  13. I like all of the songs on After School except for The Bakery and Notebook. I wish The Bakery wasn't on the EP tbh. I wish Melanie would've just done the music video for Test Me instead. She did say it was going to be her favorite.
  14. MIMA is one of my favorite albums. Each song feels like a chapter of a memoir or a page from a diary. It feels like this woman is reflecting on these relationships years later. And I love that! I hope the next album is like this (she did tease a "sister album" so hopefully it'll be similar). I hope we get some type of announcement soon. Even if Nicole just releases b sides on Bandcamp I'd be happy.
  15. Y'all after watching the MV a few times I've thought about how if you read the lyrics, it's obviously about someone only wanting to sleep with Melanie (idk if I can say the word on here). But the concept of the music video leads me to believe that the song could also be about someone or a group of people (her label or her fans or both) or people in general who only want Melanie to act a certain way or they want her to look a certain way. It was a video game where Melanie isn't in control. Someone else is. If y'all have anything to add please do bc I'm going to need more time to think about this. I just LOVE the concept.
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