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  1. sheepie

    Nicole Dollanganger

    her last tweet was her retweeting this on July 18 2023 https://x.com/codeorangetoth/status/1681514596702785536
  2. sheepie

    Nicole Dollanganger

    you're welcome, enjoy! IKR I also wanna hear An Angel Like River Phoenix so so bad oh also-- you left out a lot of her covers from the tracker, was that intentional?
  3. sheepie

    Nicole Dollanganger

    here is the coma baby demo https://www.tumblr.com/angelsofgore/667891839096045568/atriums-pinkcumso-this-is-a-little-piece-of-an here is the creek blues version with the sample of kip kinkel https://www.tumblr.com/nicoledollanganger/69757546432/ok-this-song-was-written-for-the-love-of-my-life also Snow was originally posted to Tumblr on April 25, 2014 before being added to Unreleased in May so that's most likely when it was recorded
  4. sheepie


    to me it almost sounds like she got a vocal synthesizer / vocaloid to sing it then ran it thru the grimes ai program
  5. sheepie

    Ethel Cain

    these lyrics from How to disappear r Ethel Cain coded
  6. sheepie

    Ethel Cain

    is this supposed to happen after some time or did she copyright strike these
  7. sheepie

    Ethel Cain

    someone bought an inbred CD from her a while ago for $500 iirc. what makes you say they "obviously" had a falling out? the account was always just Salem selling Hayden's old stuff, I don't know what % Hayden gets (if any at all) but she was definitely never the one running the account
  8. sheepie


    I agree so hard... Utopia is too slow and heavy sounding to be "light" or "heavenly" imo, no matter what the lyrics are like. and I agree, I love Fossora but using mushroom music samples would have been so so cool. people have also made dirt/plant music so those could've been used too sigh
  9. sheepie


    I understand you feeling this way about Vulnicura or Utopia, but Fossora isnt too far off from Volta or Biophilia to me
  10. sheepie

    Nicole Dollanganger

    throw in her cover of "Wet Dreams"
  11. sheepie

    Ethel Cain

    iirc she said 15 years to finish the music, books, AND movies for all 3 albums. not 15 years for the music only
  12. sheepie

    Ayesha Erotica

    Yes, it is official. She confirmed it on Instagram. It was originally made for Big Juicy (so 2016? maybe) but was only finished/released now. She communicates via Instagram (@ayeshaonline69) not Twitter, nowadays. She's gone live a few times iirc. Her management is @thedollsmanagement and her boyfriend is @yvncc
  13. sheepie

    Nicole Dollanganger

    ok girlie just what i heard & just making sure
  14. sheepie

    Nicole Dollanganger

    ah omg thank you for posting! its very lovely, reminds me a lot of My Darling True. I don't see how her stuff could get leaked tho since iirc with mima she only showed it to Scott and Matt and no one else, and I doubt they would fall for a leaker, so i hope this isn't ai generated >_>
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