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  1. HeyBlueBaby

    Charli XCX

    Random asf but did we ever get a studio leak of Too Many Omens
  2. LMAO. Okay? Who tf cares or asked for a Lady Antebellum cover. I can't stand this girl omfg
  3. Y'all really gagging over #THAT appearance.....I couldn't. Oh Sky Floperreia.
  4. Wow. The Guardian dragged her. Honestly, she isn't the strongest live performer, and the setlist should have been geared more towards the well known BTD/UV/HM/LFL cuts with some NFR and DYK sprinkled in, popular unreleased too. We needed BTD singles + Radio, maybe Lolita and Without You, UV singles + Brooklyn Baby, HBTB, Freak, MTWBT, Love, Coachella, Cherry, then NFR, VB....cut to DYK with P,T, maybe Grandfather and A&W too. She could have thrown more iconic unreleased in there like QoD, Serial Killer, MMITPM, and so on.....set list should have been very local and condensed for the GP. s Sigh. She will never live SNL down. Oh Lanita.......
  5. Lol is this real? If so, love it. Feels like she is teasing Lasso too, what if we get a new song performed....
  6. How come everyone else always owns the rights to anything she does? Like….. Also I haven’t read the last few pages here but I saw them cutting up on Sky for being booted off stage and not giving a fuck. Classic! I wonder why she even bothers doing shows tbh. I can’t take her seriously as a live performer so I always gloss over that discourse in here but it’s sad for the people who actually pay $ to see her and get all excited only for them to get the bare minimum. Please stop spending $ on this woman until she releases the anniversary NTMT vinyls sis.
  7. It's iconic and some of the best reality TV ever. I still watch it sometimes. It definitely has its share of problems and dated narratives, but that is mostly a reflection of where society was at the time. So with that in mind, and not taking the show so seriously, it's still enjoyable. And I do think the show had impact on shedding light on different types of beauty than what some people were used to. Tyra casted girls from all walks of life, racially and culturally, even casting girls with disabilities and transgender models.
  8. How though, sister? She has so many good unreleased songs, from pre-frame, 2010 pop diva era, and beyond. Realistically she's not going to satisfy everyone. I know that isn't the point either and she can only choose qualitea songs that are more recent like the Fine Chinas, Your Girls, and so on but what about the Break My Fall and BBM Baby lovers (me....) I would be totally fine if she continues to let her leaked discography stay underground. AT LEAST until we get AKA on streaming.
  9. And I would be one of them......CWIMM is one of my favorite songs on LFL still to this day. CWIMM defenders rise up!
  10. I actually like it. It's pretty fun for a collector's edition. But I understand why people are not liking it, but I do.
  11. Omanko the worst? Girl that's embarrassing to post Truth is, there's no bad song on NTMT. Kristine & I Will are excellent. The only song that gives me a pause when I listen to the album in order is Heavy Metal Heart....I think because of the way it is sung or something, but it's a little off-putting to me. Still a good song though. NTMT is a skipless grunge pop masterpiece. No one else could've done that.
  12. Like I know we hate her but Boys to You’re Not The One is literally skip-less grunge pop excellence, and the later tracks are just as good especially Love In Stereo & title track. She was THAT girl. It’s a shame and a FAILURE with the talent management team that allowed this girl fall into a hole
  13. Night Time My Time is still such a fantastic album……Sky Ferreira, you will always be famous
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