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  1. sorry! I was outside the venue. please tell me you’re interviewing Milhanas!
  2. What is the best way to get tickets, tomorrow?
  3. Some other members were there too, perhaps they can confirm what she said
  4. There might be a small probability of the show being streamed on national TV (probably on a channel called Sic Radical)
  5. I’m going too! Can’t wait for this show, it’s been so long since the last time she was here
  6. We've been waiting for her to come outside for more than two hours now. Lana if you're reading this, come outside the venue please!
  7. The concert was really amazing, now we're just waiting for her to come outside. She sang Terrence Loves You, Honeymoon, God's & Monsters, Old Money (this one was amazing). There was a certain vibe and energy coming from her. I can tell that she was really happy (and nostalgic too ahah). She smoked a cigarette and made a joke like "I'm not smoking"
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