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  1. She didn't drop it at midnight?
  2. American Standards & Classics - the first official single off COCC She said this delay must be affecting others at Interscope too, maybe an early digital release isnt something she's allowed to do based on her contracts. I'm just glad we finally talked about it and we dont have to be on edge again till March
  3. Of course it's fake, Benjamin would never post a clear statement sssss
  4. Yeah i can't believe she sampled crickets in the outro, sounds good tho
  5. Not her saying "especially you Chuck" she knows what she's doing
  6. I don't want an album trailer if it's just gonna say "coming soon" like the LFL one
  7. MA movie night With the elections being a few days away, i think it's over for now...
  8. Is Lanz the Thai fan? Because everyone and their mother predicted LMLYLAW, stop
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