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  1. June 16th 2023 I was most likely at work, but also anticipating my best friend's wedding the next day
  2. On the one hand, i want to act like idgaf about queuing cuz i don't wanna end up being disappointed and also the struggle of waiting that long ugh But on the other hand, i have the urge to act like a rabid body electrician and be there at noon
  3. Lana answered the culture
  4. MrFameKills

    Miley Cyrus

    Wheremsttt can i find these, i used to be obsessed with the Dead Petz album
  5. when she comes out on a horse this time and opens with Hey Blue Baby
  6. We need to piss off the Swifties so they leak Henry Come On, i'm starviiiiing
  7. MrFameKills

    Taylor Swift

    Do you think she's gonna add a TTPD section to the Eras Tour
  8. Benny Mawson interaction 😍
  9. and i'm among the 10 Bartender warriors, but even i'm so exhausted by it she has plenty of songs she's performed before that she can re-add, we're not asking her to sing Kintsugi
  10. I dont wanna be negative and all, since she seems to be enjoying these songs she keeps doing, but ma PLEASE retire PWYC and/or Bartender. Thank god we were spared White Mustank this time (and i love all three songs, but its getting kinda tiring treating them like alltimers, when other songs can get to shine too like Cruel World for example) But atp with her keeping Bartender and The Grants for Coachella, i think it's time to stop predicting anything. She's truly one of a kind in her decisions lol and i love her to death She looked ethereal
  11. She soundchecked Houdini-Training Season-Illusion medley by Dua Lipa and Cheeky by Inna
  12. Just remembered i did a wonky edit of the poster once upon a time
  13. You know we love a good laugh
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