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  1. well idk about live shows but it seems the general consesus here is that White Mustank and Bartended should be the first to go off the setlist and wbk she doesn't perform HM tracks cuz she cant get into that mindset ever again, it was too powerful
  2. i love COCC but who gives a shit what it's outperforming? rich coming from user 'bartender' which is probably outperformed by guns n roses or something HM immaculate
  3. Tbh i can't think of a single actress, but Johnny Rapid could play Ben
  4. MrFameKills


    Solar Power is literally godly, you will understand in a few years
  5. Cant believe Flipside got out there before Sad Girl, she's so random I guess you can add "Is This Happiness" as well
  6. oh it's COCC's night for sure, bust that Wild At Heart
  7. so whats tea im ready to set up my tent in this thread
  8. Mmm her using the Honeymoon cover
  9. she get money her body tea she super thick she super pretty !
  10. When there's 5 twinks screaming the For K 2 lyrics and she gets frustrated they know this one too
  11. Pretty much all that have been mentioned but also DYK lyrics
  12. Greatest verse of all time actually
  13. The tiktoks recently about "why are there men in line for the Lana show, she's for the girls". I know they're a joke, but cmon now, her gay male fans have been an integral part of the fanbase, back when some of these clownheads (that are only there cuz Cinnamon Girl went viral) were either in kindergarden and/or stanning One Direction.
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