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  1. Lana Del Rey, Alvvays, Caroline Polacheck… Grammy losers <3
  2. Agree! As much as I wanted her to win just for the sake of it, I much prefer her NOT being internalised by the industry… they’ve committed so many sins against her, they cannot sanitise their reputation by awarding her AOTY once. She can continue to live on the outskirts, challenging the industry instead of doing her best to remain in its graces (like so many other artists do). They’ll never get her
  3. Next album needs to be Carrie inspired, title track MV she sets the Grammys on fire… Taylor can be the teacher she spares… sounds like Hole, Live Through This ofc… post-Lasso world I’m dreaming of you…
  4. Every lifetime legend that has never won a Grammy… Lana Del Rey you will always be famous!!
  5. Taylor is very very very sweet for that… I love Lana so much
  6. Tudor-era cleavage she’s serving Anne Boleyn in a way
  7. Blue banisters is unlistenable because she rhymes /my banisters blue/ with /blue banisters oooo/
  8. Her set overran and mic got cut off, so she sang a capella video games with the entire audience! Very emotional
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