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  1. And Jack did not produce according to the credits on spotify Which is refreshing
  2. Man Lana's Gatsby era was so amazing I think it's one of my favourite things she's done. It was more than a single song contributed to a film, it became a whole central element, she was fully absorbed into a world where she would absolutely exist in herself. Everything was perfect
  3. When she decides that the album should be born in the summer instead and we're waiting another year while she butchers every song with garageband trap beats
  4. Sooooo... COCC is an autumn album confirmed. Autumn being before winter. Winter as a season commencing from November. Cocctober won?
  5. Remember when people thought she relinquished her thirst for glamour because of how bare bones a lot of the NFR era was. This is a real swinging in the backyard look
  6. Sounds very earthy. I feel like some people are expecting something closer to hyperpop because of the album title this might be her Sharon Van Etten 'Are We There' era where she mixes real earnest stripped back ballads with some punchier sardonic mellow atmospheric layered soft bangers I'm here for it But we're probably in for NFR: b-sides and rarities
  7. She would caption her pics with Lana lyrics often, songs like Hope and Is This Happiness, even unreleased ones like Fine China, and would engage with people in the comments that acknowledged she was referencing Lana. Happened more on her burner accounts like Majora When Hope came out I distinctly remember her reposting many of the lyrics onto her story Among other things, but as soon as QFTC happened she unfollowed her and has never mentioned her since
  8. Random but does anyone else remember how heavy she used to stan Lana? She hopped off the train after question for the culture
  9. omg............ She's doing her last public ritual of posting a pic with her producer before releasing the storm of the era upon us. Precedent is in our favour
  10. The cocc era equivalent of the pic of her and Dan Auerbach right as she shifted into UV
  11. I just know she wants to post a snippet. She's sitting with her phone in her hand watching a video of her lipsyncing to TJF and deliberating how the 8mm filter video would look among her other instagram posts
  12. The way interview mag has been 90% of the era (and no complaints either)
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