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  1. If I hear the lyrics "I luv it" I'm logging off forever and jumping off a bridge
  2. I also heard a rumor that she's bringing out Elvis to perform Elvis
  3. I still wish that Lana would have released a pop-type album in 2011 to bridge the gap between AKA and BTD even tho it wouldn't have been possible at the time
  4. Honestly thank God I decided not to stay up tomorrow bc I would've been so disappointed
  5. I'm scared y'all... That Barrie thing got me worried now
  6. When a reworked version of Unidentified Flying Bill is on the album then what
  7. Someone ask the Swifties if any reworked unreleased songs are on Lasso
  8. I'm probably not going to watch it again bc my sleep schedule is in absolute shambles rn
  9. Axl Rose Husband / Elvis Trash Magic / Pin Up Galore Beach Boys / Star Lux
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