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  1. Also can we stop harassing people who got the album early to leak things? They’re literally just normal Lana stans who got lucky. Just because they aren’t leaking it doesn’t mean they want attention especially considering they haven’t even been on here much teasing it. The album is out in less than a week. Y’all will survive. Not everyone wants to be a part of the insider culture.
  2. If y’all stopped taking other people’s opinions as fact you would be a lot happier. Give it a rest.
  3. Lana answering fan questions about merch and pop up shops…..yall we’re in a real era
  4. I literally was like “Please tell me how I can get a wristband to attend the event” and he said to come to the shop to get one but has no idea if he’ll have them the day of and I live far away so idk what ima do lmao
  5. I’m talking to a local record place that’s hosting the event and they’re being so vague. I asked if there’s tickets and they said no there’s wristbands. I asked if we need to show up beforehand to get the wristbands and they said a wristband will guarantee entry and they don’t know how many people will show up…..so like just tell me how I can fucking attend the event
  6. I’d def rather go to the Watertown one I might have to call out of work LMAO
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