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  1. She really fucking ate with this album
  2. Really great interview btw. She’s being quite vulnerable about how the effects of the criticism she’s received, and her own anxieties, reflect in her decisions around music and performance.
  3. In reading a lot of old articles about you, both with or without your participation, you seemed to have a lot of ideas projected onto you without a lot of room to respond. Was that your experience? That made there be no room. I wonder if that’s why I’m allowed to have my moment. But I’ve heard some good stories about some of the writers that I did not like. One of them ran up their company card on prostitutes. I love that. It just goes to show you that it’s not personal. Sometimes, the things you read, there’s a little bit of projection there. That’s the only guy who I’ve ever remembered his full name, but I’m not going to say it. WHO LMAOOOO
  4. Literally came on here to acknowledge summertime. Look at her switching things up
  5. need to find the twink who dragged me for saying her setlist would be the same, being all like "that WaS hEr FesTiVal SetLisT"
  6. Where are y’all watching?
  7. this is so Lana. The way she intentionally goes out of her way to not be a celebrity will always be hilarious to me. I bet if she wins she’ll have a prerecorded video they play on screen holding the award and saying something random
  8. what’s interesting to me is at the end he sings love her madly - the doors and not only does no one in the comments know what he’s singing but it’s Jim Morrison and so LDR coded and I just have a feeling that this song means something to her and it’s part of a memory
  9. not me adding a photo after this for the sole purpose of possibly finding my lana del soulmate
  10. Historicallllly whenever Lana gets filler it’s because something is about to happen
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