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  1. idk if this the right topic to post this in but I'm so upset COCC got pushed back so much cause we were supposed to get Behind the Iron Gates in March according to her... Oh well cocc better be worth the extra wait istg
  2. Maybe that countdown's purpose was to count down to the countdown we have now
  3. I will repress the fact that some of these songs are be about S*** like my life depends on it
  4. Have y'all tried the block button? I think the block button is delicious (n e way I skipped 50 pages of pointless fighting good morning)
  5. Imagine trying to come for someone who posts art on their profile and thinking you've done something Like damn ma they're spending their time being productive and their hobbies do not include aruging and annoying dozens of people on a forum
  6. Thank you so much!!! Wish it was more HQ but I think I can hopefully make it work
  7. Yes! The one they used for posters in NY in Chuck's stories and the one that appears 6 times on the vinyl cover. Can anyone send me a link if it has indeed leaked?
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