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  1. don't bring that energy in here
  2. call me blind but this looks nothing like her
  3. mentally torn between feeling happy for the recognition she's finally getting and gate keeping her from everyone
  4. i'm so disconnected but how did they not push the remix instead? have we as a society finally achieved the ability to appreciate ss as it is? i can't believe it
  5. can someone explain why btd is getting so many streams? is it the tiktok croquettes?
  6. Great initiative. I'd like to add that any talk of drugs in general should be met with harsh consequences from Ellen & Co to set an example for those who constantly bring up H*r*in & M*th addict*on which often times triggers severe cognitive dissonance in the Ferraris.
  7. Thank you for the heads up, eclipse. Only good things to say about miss Sky in the Ferraris' Communist Republic of Sky Ferreira! <3
  8. i sing through a sheet of paper what's something you hate about yourself?
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