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  1. "Family Visit" is gonna be a bop. Claim that track
  2. Not me checking up on news here for the first time in ages and seeing that Lana is about to record music behind bars Manifesting "Cook County Department of Corrections" groovy contemplative wordy track
  3. The song (?) was interesting, definitely...a song (?)
  4. It's a very unpopular opinion but High As Hope is actually my favourite Flo album together with HBHBHB and I am all for this new album to have a mix of these two + Ceremonials. King is a great song. The only thing I wish that instrumental "bridge" part was longer and had some vocals maybe
  5. I heard the tea her new boyfriend is Johnny Sins girlies
  6. The insiders: THE WCE BRIDGE IS GONNA BLOW YOU AWAY! The bridge in question:
  7. Me on Sunday watching the new Euphoria episode to hear WCE in the context of the plot not seeing a single episode of that show before
  8. SweetHenny

    Lily Allen

    the fact that she teased a literal ton of total bops on her instagram lives back in 2019-2020 and has probably scrapped it all now the way we still don't even have Party Line released in HQ
  9. Haven't been around lately but dropped by to vote for some amazing people here, tried to vote for as many different legends as possible but tbh I am rooting for everyone, especially messy bitches Me not being nominated for the Most Missed Sis? The shade Love you all Lanabordians
  10. 0 nominations, 0 awards this year. I am ready for my close-up
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