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  1. Got busy during the week and didn't read this thread for the last 3 days or so. Guess I have to read the last 60 pages and don't miss out any fun Was there any tea or leaks?
  2. Imma throw hands for Godlymoon. Can someone ask her managers about this fuckery?
  3. You're in the wind I'm in the water Nobody's son nobody's DAaAuGHtEeEr
  4. My favourite part of the song is when she sings "I'm on the run with you my sweet love" and up until the last drum sound
  5. In all seriousness I'm so worried for her
  6. Next era the only magazine covers she'll be serving will be on Poland crosswords I see
  7. OMG PAGE 3000 OF THIS ICONIC THREAD! before it becomes page 2991 EDIT: Page 2999 yep
  8. So few people here, the calm AFTER the storm, the kids are fed
  9. i hate Youtube comments for any music video with my whole heart, dumpster fire
  10. The fact that the song gets better and better with every listen We have to stan Imma bout to forgive this puta for the abominable cover
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