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  1. The single cover and her website aesthetic kinda give me Fiona's Fetch the Bolt Cutters cover vibe and tbh I live for it
  2. I may hate this puta for putting us through torture every messy era but I'll protect her from toxic "fans" who are trashing her artistry, she doesn't deserve that
  3. The more you listen to that song the better it gets! Imma fight anyone who speaks against the soft poetical anthem of feminine fragile beauty that Let Me Love You Like A Woman is STREAM
  4. The cover is whatever but who cares, we are here for the music. That shadow on her forehead disturbs me a great deal tho
  5. If this song is a closer I'm suing. I hate the idea of releasing the closer as the first single (or as a single at all tbh), it's basically a spoiler for the upcoming album last act (still mad for Hope)
  6. The song is officially released in my country and lemme tell you - people who say it sounds exactly like a song off NFR need to get their ears checked. It's very beautiful and serves as a perfect transition into the new album. I'm feeling the flow with TJF idc I love it
  7. Okay so my uncle is the cleaner of toilets at Interscope, he overheard a convo of Ed, Ben and label guys and he shared some tea with me. 100% true!!! The single off COCC is coming in
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