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  1. I bet Lana doesn't even know this song is being released. Ben just dropped by to talk to her in her house and sneakily took a random ass picture of the sis while they were chatting to look as if she is "saying yes to heaven" and decided to move things quickly after that
  2. This cover is iconic! It is praying that the water finally runs clear realness
  3. Lizzie Grant Please Stand On The Shoulders of Lana Del Rey While She's Releasing Say Yes To Heaven
  4. I'm a stan of AKA, BTD, UV, HM, LFL (altho have some criticism for it), NFR, BB and Tunnel but drag me all you want I absolutely hate COCC as an album and consider it a total waste. Only first 3 songs on this are classics (WD, COCC and TJF), everything else is "cute" at best and tbh completely unlistenable to me, I always start falling asleep after Wild at Heart, it's a snoozefest, with the ending tracks especially being absolute trash. It's also such a short album and feels more like an EP, I tbh have no idea what Lana was even trying to say with it on the whole (it does have a specific sonic atmosphere tho I give it that). It really should have just been NFR deluxe or some stand-alone EP of 5-6 tracks
  5. My favourite part of this album is from the Grants and up to Taco Truck x VB. That part of the record really slaps
  6. Every time I start listening to a single track from this album I end up listening to the whole thing. Idk if it's a popular opinion or not on here but idc cause for me it has really become Lana's best work to date. I cannot put into words how much I adore this incredible record, it's literally perfect, zero skips, no comments, I'm just in awe of this piece of art
  7. My dream next album sound for Lana is Kintsugi and Fingertips just so that I can watch the meltdowns while listening to the new sensual lyrically deep masterpieces
  8. The BEST and the WORST taste in the span of 2 posts. We just have to stan!
  9. You dragging "Let the Light In" a lot - I see the campaign for Worst Taste 5.0 has begun luv
  10. I am telling you if this was Taylor or any other pop or indie girlie, the album would have 95+ on Metacritic
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