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  1. The way there could have been at least some momentum in the introduction of Lana's achievements and influence in getting her award but all we got is a "She... is kinda...yeah..getting her Artist of the Year or whatever award for Video Games right? congrats!" from Mike Dean
  2. judging by the insta stories it was really a wedding, there was a whole ceremony and party after with Russian dances and Russian wedding songs (I am Russian so I know when these songs are played lmao)
  3. Guys, Lana is literally a bridesmaid or something at the Russian wedding lmao Lana is on the right and looks gorgeous in that dress!
  4. I feel like I raised my IQ for 500 points reading this
  5. My father never stepped in When his wife would rage at me
  6. I'm not saying this album is her magnum opus but it's one of them
  7. The only tracks I skip in this album are Wildflower Wildfire and The Nectar of the Gods. Drag me
  8. The thing which I will never understand is why in the actual fuck people underrate Text Book so much? This is literally an incredible song and one of the best from the record
  9. Okay but yall are trashing some YT reviewer's absence of taste while not voting for Beautiful as one of the highlights of the record...
  10. Elton... I knew what you meant when you talked about making a trash collab album with Dula Peep and Charlie Pooth to block me in Billboard 200
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