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  1. In a parallel universe where car theft did not happen, we are blessed with music videos.
  2. If we collectively forget about this album's existence, she can surprise release on March 24th. Because nothing has been happening
  3. Necklace made by stringing candies Onto a ribbon, piece of elastic, or thick thread In theory, someone could both wear and eat it Nibbling until all that's left is the core There's a name for it in English It's candy necklace
  4. We also need to consider that most of the credits in that German website is missing and written as TBC. We know that from lack of Hermosa
  5. I think I'm most excited about the organ. My mind always go to the intro of I Talk to Jesus.
  6. She's currently filming album commentary describing each and every song for 1 minute She'll post one of them every Tuesday and Friday starting tomorrow spanning 8 weeks It will be like the UV one
  7. Let the Light In


    She's teasing some considered tracks in the setlist on her story: Rescue Me Like a Prayer Physical Attraction Papa Don't Preach Bad Girl Human Nature Crazy For You Lucky Star Erotica
  8. Russian Artem's post, Clayton's birthday, full moon energy rising up; all lead us to single release tomorrow However, I don't think Lana remembers Clayton's existence, let alone his birthday
  9. I adore Love Song since the beginning because I’m in love.
  10. I think because of AW shirt of Chuck, her Interscope post mentioning A&W in the caption and her screaming American Whore
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