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  1. it’s actually called “Whatever That Title Was”
  2. 1. Tough 2. Straight 3. Single 4. Christian 5. Woman 6. Seeking 7. Powerful 8. Gentle 9. Burly 10. Cowboy 11. Henry
  3. Hisui region is what they called Sinnoh back in the day. So it’s basically Sinnoh in the past.
  4. OK, we need that viral lip reader to look at 1:12 specifically when she mouths the fast parts. This is what I think also “Past,present,future I see in you” ”I see in only you”
  5. If we didn’t know what A&W sounds like and we heard her performing it live we would be confused like this I think. Manifesting an out of body experience like A&W for this song.
  6. Ok she sings the song. I don’t think think it’s just an intro, I think it’s a new song
  7. I will try not to spoil myself watching the one and only music video that will come out of this era.
  8. Heroin, California, Thunder, Dark but Just a Game, Let the Light In, Paris Texas, The Blackest Day
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