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  1. I've needed this song since the first snippet leak
  2. I think this stuff is 10000x more exciting because at least with new album tea we know we'll hear the songs at some point... this stuff is lost to us until someone comes out and spills it
  3. At the Spin Me Round tiktok lady listening party they don’t know I’m Ebola
  4. real talk why does everyone shit on honeymoun for saying the same shit y'all say in here about speculating things it's weird fr... last time I checked honeymoun wasn't the one leaking upcoming album info which to you guys is like the most deplorable thing a human being can do but it's nothing but hugs and kisses when people do that on here... how you gonna attack a leaker relentlessly for "spreading misinformation" when they never claimed anything as fact in the first place but then praise leakers who genuinely do malicious things that can hurt lana's career and are in general just like annoying attention-seeking and cringe...but then go after the first girl for being the attention-seeking one
  5. honeymoun dgaf about you or your opinion stop screaming for attention also he never claimed anything was coming
  6. Ebola


    we need dangerous i can't go on without this song
  7. Every Man Gets His Wish Backfire Oooh Baby Living Legend Afraid
  8. Ebola


    And you're the cow that keeps on giving
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