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  1. I forgot we missed a little bit of the show when Rob ended the live, what other songs did she sing?
  2. Wally - willy Cocc - c*ck Chemtrails over the country club Part 2 confirmed
  3. Thanks I've got a pit ticket for milan but im thinking of changing for a different date because I feel its going to be packed
  4. Does anyone know which Europe date will have the least capacity
  5. I feel like we will get another snippet before it's released as a single
  6. Surely it would be out in new Zealand if it was coming tomorrow because she normally does midnight drops
  7. Pepper's little sis Im dying like I cant breathe
  8. I just know her vape is right next to her fork
  9. Omg there's a lasso on that last dress where it says lana the L is shaped like a lasso
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