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  1. She gave us so many iconic moments: the motorbike jealous girl entrance, without you as opener (my favourite), bringing out Jon, two Billie duets, stripper pole moment, hologram Lana, and the unhinged ragtime finish, not to mention stunning stage, hair and costuming… we won at least a little?
  2. Do you think she was styled for these pics…
  3. Can someone find out what Lana said that made Ellie Goulding laugh?
  4. Omfg I can’t believe they legitimately wrote that
  5. Do we know for sure what order the ocean blvd tracks were recorded/produced though? Most likely different to the tracklist sequence
  6. Id be happy with a fully ballad concert if it means we get vocals and no overpowering feedback
  7. Someone on Twitter mentioned Dua did the same thing at the Rock in Rio festival (?), maybe it’s something their management request as protocol
  8. Does anyone know what time (local time) her set might be? Is the festival a day or a night time thing?
  9. FML I’m going abroad that weekend I’m literally crying
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