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  1. nooo !, today I go back to school (online), and, I was dreaming that Lana had released "My Body Is Map Of LA", the song was starting, and at the moment in which the part that we all know began, I I woke up, because I had an online class! But, my brother dreamed of the same song, and we never dreamed of something like that, so it must mean something, right?
  2. Do not get so excited, pretend that it is an imaginary album and everything will be fine, let's pretend that Chemtrails is the only album in two years ...
  3. I was speechless, me and my brother listened to the album 2 times, and it hit us so hard , we came to the conclusion that it is a kind of fusion of Mazzy Star and Donovan, so good!
  4. White Dress will be released on the 12th, since hypothetically when the album was going to be released on the 5th and the single on the 26th, there was only a week of difference, so if they followed that same pattern the song will be released a week before the album, on the 12th.
  5. Hey, I'm Mexican and I'm not white so therefore you offend me with your generalization and your wrong idea of us!
  6. Bates Motel, I love to see it and more with the climate that makes the place where I live (cloudy), a masterpiece ...
  7. well then maybe if you don't really know what you're talking about, you shouldn't talk without first doing some research, and in fact the community of color is having more job opportunities than the red-haired population, thanks to these times where "politically correct" is the trend, and I clarify, I do not do this to cause more fighting, or anything like that ...
  8. ok, a red-haired person is literally more minor than a colored person (I'm not belittling anyone) And I also emphasize that each person is free to say or speak about what they feel and their posture, let's also remember that Lana is a person, like us, and that we are not very perfect to say (if we even are ...)
  9. Ok, I was just singing this song, and I find this forum ... It was ... well, I think, in Hope Is A Dangerous Thing You can hear some words of jack at the end, that's all, it's not important, but I guess they want to know ...
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