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    Hello! I love Mermaid Motel and Cola, if you need anything, I'll be there for you ...
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  1. Hi Mer, you're so cute for doing this! (although you were cute before, lol). I am claiming "Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing", yes sir!
  2. Black Bathing Suit vs If You Lie Down With Me
  3. Wild at Heart!, curiously in the previous quiz I did I also got Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden as a recommendation, could it be a sign? I love doing your quizzes and I've only done 2, I'll gladly do many more! I would love to do a Lizzy quiz, or something like "which Lana through time are you?", like may jailer, lizzy grant, Lana del Ray late 2010's (daft dog interview vibes), Lana in the bathtub with the cats (or with the chickens ), Hahaha I think it's confusing lol
  4. I've been away and I'm just trying to read everything, how do we know that everything the user commented was real?/ that the user is legitimate, (is genuine question).
  5. Exactly!! How great!, Lou has always had a special place in my heart, and it always makes me so sad to think about what happened, music lost that October 2013, it must have felt terrible for Lana. And I definitely see the connection between the two Jim, although I don't know if it's been discussed before either? I think we're getting off topic though...
  6. The collaboration with Lou Reed would have been a really true and beautiful collaboration...
  7. LMAO, Things that only happen at Lanaboards on Christmas Eve, I can imagine the guy's face reading that lol.
  8. KingsMotelPart2

    Song vs. Song

    Gods and monsters vs Body Electric
  9. I'm down with Crazy For You, because I can't wait to get high on my own, in my Los Angeles home (And feel me bad about it)
  10. I really liked your quiz, I would like to do more if you get to do more, my result was "The Well of Thought", and, it was accurate, I am always thinking and questioning many things and it gave me as key songs many of Lana's most introspective songs, that's why I listen to them carefully, it was very fun to participate! Xoxo
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