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  1. 20/10 I love vintage cars. Is it a Ferrari Testarossa?
  2. I made this fast video, and sent it with a little message : The fact that she sang Without You again after some years on the recent shows really meant a lot to me, and made me think more deeply on her evolution, idk, just made me feel emotional
  3. Same here Nevermind, thanks hon @Quincy you're tha best
  4. Oh nooooo, guys I missed the show Is there a way to watch it now?
  5. Don't you worry, you did what you could just try to relax yourself and enjoy the rest of the day. Be happy
  6. KingsMotelPart2

    Song vs. Song

    Shades of Cool vs Summertime (Janis Joplin cover)
  7. KingsMotelPart2

    Song vs. Song

    Shades Of Cool vs Terrence Loves You
  8. Help, what does it sound like Lana in the livestream, some kind of final soundcheck?
  9. Lmaooo I remember when she said it to us on August, when everyone asked Dealer Anyway, super excited for tomorrow, what's the info we have so far?
  10. Oh, wow, really good childhood memories comes to my mind, thanks for creating this thread
  11. Omfg, I already know what he looks like, but, even so I'm so excited. I need a Lana x Orville interaction now
  12. In my Feelings and Cinnamon Girl
  13. If there's any collab, I'd like a song with Orville Peck, would be pretty
  14. OMG, Anyone Who Had A Heart, like, Cilla Black Song????? I'd die if it is Or it's an original song? (If it is even known) Anyway will be a win, I feel it
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