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    Hello! I love Mermaid Motel and Cola, if you need anything, I'll be there for you ...
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  1. In my Feelings and Cinnamon Girl
  2. If there's any collab, I'd like a song with Orville Peck, would be pretty
  3. OMG, Anyone Who Had A Heart, like, Cilla Black Song????? I'd die if it is Or it's an original song? (If it is even known) Anyway will be a win, I feel it
  4. 'Cause he is bored, he is trapped in the mirror. If I jump high enough, can I fly away and reach the sky?
  5. All right, because of your Laura Palmer profile pic, I'll say If I Die Young
  6. The like button doesn't work, but my god 100% yesssss
  7. KingsMotelPart2

    Song vs. Song

    West Coast vs Off to the Races
  8. Pulp Fiction vs Blue Velvet
  9. KingsMotelPart2

    Song vs. Song

    13 Beaches vs Get Free
  10. wow, It's such a beautiful song, Lana was right, I'm in love with it, will be my december song, so nostalgic, gracias a Holly y a Lana <3
  11. Ohhhh myyyyy goddd That was the best storytime ever!!! I could imagine it all as if I had been there, I was even getting excited at the same time as you, I feel enormously happy for you @Elle, you deserve it Luv U Queen <3
  12. I don't want to clog up the thread with another reply, it's just, I can't react/like posts so, just move on to the next one. Wooooow, I never expected Axl Rose, Thanks Surf Noir!
  13. Yeah, yeah, I loveeee it tooo that's why I don't change my profile pic Btw, Your username and picture give me some random/alt Myspace account era vibes
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