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    Hello! I love Mermaid Motel and Cola, if you need anything, I'll be there for you ...
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  1. OMFG I can't believe it, the last time she came in 2016, I was too young to go, now it's a great opportunity, I feel blessed to live in a state next to Mexico City, but, now I just hope I can buy the tickets to go see her with my brother for the first time
  2. Let's no forget the iconic duo Best American Record/Yosemite
  3. Summertime (Janis Joplin cover), Shades of Cool, y Off To The Races
  4. Some things last a long time (Daniel Johnston cover)
  5. My top 25, after 755 battles Rank Character 1 A&W 2 Candy Necklace 3 Dark But Just a Game 4 Black Beauty 5 Freak 6 Carmen 7 Cola 8 Salvatore 9 Off to the Races 10 Buddy's Rendezvous 11 Terrence Loves You 12 Black Bathing Suit 13 The Greatest 14 Mariners Apartment Complex 15 Fucked My Way Up To The Top 16 Cruel World 17 Shades of Cool 18 Brooklyn Baby 19 Blue Jeans 20 Million Dollar Man 21 Money Power Glory 22 West Coast 23 Sad Girl 24 Paris, Texas 25 Venice Bitch The rest (I don't know why it looks like my music player when I put it on shuffle, in exactly that order hahaha )
  6. Me too!, but I didn't see anyone using it so I said to myself "alright, let's do it" , and I liked it.
  7. Guys, I'm so exited!!!! There's only 8 hours left to finally listen, and I'm ready to party with all of you, I just can't wait!!!!
  8. Hi! Does anyone know the story of how Lana and Norman Reedus met?
  9. Exactly, as soon as I heard it for the first time, my mind took me to a slow and frenetic scenario, I could almost see a movie in the sound!
  10. The song is amazing, it surprised me a lot, the scream that can be heard in the Jimmy Jimmy Coco Pufff part, like a lot and as always she manages to be cinematic, I put the song with Gaspar Noé movies and it was very good indeed.
  11. Hi Mer, you're so cute for doing this! (although you were cute before, lol). I am claiming "Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing", yes sir!
  12. Black Bathing Suit vs If You Lie Down With Me
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