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  1. whitelines


  2. SAME & this is definitely better than the one i had in mind
  3. I couldn't hide my smile from you As I stopped to breathe exhaust from the tail pipe its not BAD, i actually love it, its catchy, i just find it kinda funny bc i magine her smiling while sniffing a tail pipe. I KNOW ITS DUMB IM SORRY
  4. Well this thread was interesting to read! I am eternally grateful I've yet to witness a Lanaboards scat attack
  5. no ty i think i already spend too much time mindlessly scrolling through instagram and twitter
  6. Maybe we could go to Coney Island Boom like that Is the sun in your eyes, easy rider? My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola
  7. whitelines

    Frank Ocean

    can he come back pleek
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