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  1. bluechemtrails

    Song vs. Song

    lust for life demo 3 vs big eyes
  2. Wildflower Wildfire, White Dress, Love song, Honeymoon, Bel Air, Cola, For K Pt. 2 and many unreleased
  3. here's my selection AKA: Raise Me Up BTD: Dark Paradise Paradise: Burning Desire UV: Old Money Honeymoon: MTWBT LFL: White Mustang NFR: Love song COTCC: Dance Till We Die BB: IYLDWM Ocean Blvd: Fishtails
  4. What are the most representative songs from Lana's albums? In other words, which ones stand out the least or reflect the sound of the album the best?
  5. but admittedly, a collab with Dolly would be pretty iconic or maybe a three-way collab? Preferably with the song 'Prettiest Girl in Country Music'
  6. I like a Nikki Lane collab more than one with Dolly Parton
  7. I think she's not the same since she closed her official instagram account.
  8. burnt norton isn't just an interlude, it's art
  9. Her Spotify playlists say something about which songs Lana or her team like to push. Interestingly, "Lana Del Rey Best Of" has after Take Me Home and SYTH, Chemtrails and two SYTH remixes (to push SYTH more, I think). Of the next Ocean Blvd tracks, Candy Necklace is at the top, I think that's definitely her favorite on the album. But on "Lana Del Rey Complete" Candy Necklace is sorted normally. Here "Let The Light In" and "Margaret" are pushed to the top and "Peppers" and "Paris, Texas" lead the Ocean Blvd tracks. "Blue Skies" is pushed way back, even after Watercolor Eyes or SOTB, it looks like she's severely neglecting this song. I think all these remixes should be removed, they don't reflect her song style and do more harm than good.
  10. I know this album will be full of new Americana (symbols), and the lasso is just one of them
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