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  1. A scathing review, but I can't deny everything what was said there. I still like the album.
  2. but she said last year: "My next album is gonna be digital, mark my words"
  3. Actually this is the only thing that makes sense in Lana's context.
  4. Has someone noticed her comments under the @wmag Insta posts?
  5. https://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/lana-del-rey-and-chuck-grant-are-the-chillest-sisters-at-the-gucci-cruise-show
  6. Interview Magazine: Lana Del Rey and Chuck Grant Are the Chillest Sisters at the Gucci Cruise Show
  7. Her being dressed up like Jackie Kennedy give me National Anthem / JFK vibes. Maybe Lana identifies with her on LDR9 and it's about her time after John's assassination. A lot of anger and sadness we could expect, I think this would be a perfect theme for a new Lana album.
  8. this photos give me a new definition of 'bombastic', I'm overwhelmed hope this is the sound we're getting from ldr9
  9. Lana at an Italian Gucci fashion show after wearing $18 Shein dresses, and dancing to SS remix after making country and folk music is like
  10. I've also never said, that Jack is the best producer, but only someone you can be happy to work with.
  11. It has also something to do with luck, but if Lana had a Grammy you wouldn't say she's a bad singer.
  12. It's ridicolous to discuss Jack's producer talent, I mean he just got a Grammy? We should be grateful that he's working with Lana right now, a lot of artists can only dream to be in this situation.
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