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  1. This song is an incredible gift to her fans as well as an impressive middle finger to her critics. Her writing is so clever, I admire her confidence and her willingness to tell it like it is, no matter what.
  2. I love being a morning person. I hate being endlessly shat on for being a morning person. (Yes, life is intrinsically unfair.) I have a swimming pool! And lots of low battery things .......
  3. I think so. I'm surprised by how many different versions of her songs are out there.
  4. "Where are all the trailer parks? Where are all the Christmas lights?" (From I Talk to Jesus) I love that song, and the image she's creating when she reflects on being in Alabama.....Merry Christmas!
  5. I found an ultraviolence version of wildflower wildfire, and it's really great. It doesn't by any means replace the original, but it's an excellent companion.💙
  6. Riverside.....Lana Del Rey and Barrie James O'Neil 💙
  7. I love Radiohead too, have since the 90's. I was upset that she got accused of ripping off Creep with Get Free. There are musical similarities, but it's not even close to a ripoff. Intellectual property is a tricky business, but Lana has proven she doesn't have to copy anyone else to be truly great.💙
  8. Her lips are beautiful, and I dont like that she smokes either. But I embrace it as part of her, because.....it's Lana. 💙
  9. That sounds like something that would happen to me! Relatable, thank you! Yes, you do. She already gave me a lifetime too, and I haven't heard all of her music. Yet*
  10. Lovelana28

    Azealia Banks

    Well said. Not to mention she has publicly dragged Lana more than once, and I have a zero tolerance policy for that BS. Don't mess with my queen.💙
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