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  1. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    Melanie said she is finished with the script and is planning on releasing a single in March/April! We won
  2. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    Maybe if she released WDBCF she wouldn’t need NFTs for money
  3. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    No no no, her new album has nothing to do with babies
  4. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    According to Ticketmaster, Melanie has a show scheduled on July 8 in Utah. She also said in the Halloween concert that she won't be performing old songs anymore so it has to be new material if it isn't a weird mistake Tickets go on sale Feb. 13 https://www.ticketmaster.com/melanie-martinez-tickets/artist/1901820
  5. I heard Honeymoun will be performing the long-awaited Yes To Heaven (Version 308) tonight. Is it true?
  6. After party at the Men In Music Business Conference? x
  7. Gravitate has arrived to the ceremony early so that she can waddle her way through the red carpet!
  8. Kinda dig the NFR and BTD one. I hate the Paradise one no offense 😭 Also, why didn’t they do Honeymoon instead of Paradise? It would’ve made more sense imo
  9. Any time is good for me since I have no life Super excited! Remember to vote Gravitate for Best New Member!
  10. Gravitate

    Addison Rae

    When Addison releases her version of Brooklyn Nights
  11. Gravitate

    Addison Rae

    What?!! I’m so confused but... happy. Glad it’s finally getting released even if it’s from Addison Rae. Lady fucking Gaga sold a song to Addison Rae??? What is life... love Addison but it’s just so weird lol
  12. Gravitate


    Why is Losing Dogs so good? I love a song that never fails to make me cry
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