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  1. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    To fit a standard made by somebody (I think)
  2. Gravitate

    Chloe x Halle

    I wish the Heart on My Sleeve song was the lead single. That snippet keeps replaying in my head since I've heard it but Pray It Away isn't as memorable to me even though I do think it's really good.
  3. Gravitate

    Taylor Swift

    Are the fish in space meant to be an easter egg for her Speak Now guitar? Am I reaching?
  4. Gravitate

    Taylor Swift

    Me being the only one who loved it The visuals were so pretty especially when she was in that purple lake and when she was crawling through the living room with all the flowers around her. The fish flying in space was a weird addition but it was cute. I'm glad we didn't get another MV with dialogue cause AH and BJ was enough, it's my fav of them all but maybe it's just the excitement.
  5. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    For MM2 she should've just used the CB scraps like Haunted, BOMM, etc.that weren't so child-like as the second album in 2018. She could've just been like "here are some songs about Cry Baby's teenage relationships/years" or something. Maybe change the songs a little, scrap the movie and make 13 music videos with that polaroid vintage aesthetic she had and it would've been a cult classic and a great follow-up to CB imo
  6. Gravitate

    Taylor Swift

    FINALLY I was certain we'd be waiting until late next month but she pulled through
  7. The way I refreshed the page cause I thought the cropping was a problem on my end and now I can't read it
  8. We should post the most unfunniest outdated Lana memes on there and see how many upvotes they get as an experiment
  9. Definitely Instagram textposts in 2015 vibes
  10. Gravitate

    Melanie Martinez

    These new snippets ain't doing it for me. Let's leak Deep End
  11. Gravitate has arrived! Can't wait to perform my song SOLO at the Lipsters Awards 2022
  12. The way I forgot to give my opinion on the album Nymphs, title track, and Dogwood are my top 3 The only track I don't really like is Runnin' Free tbh, I just can't get into it. This feels like the type of album I would create in my head and wish someone would make. Def her best by a long shot and I can't wait for the Atropa demos.
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