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  1. when she posts it on notoriouswhitegirl
  2. revadece

    Song vs. Song

    unidentifed flying bill vs religion
  3. revadece

    Music To:

    music to listen to during snowfall:
  4. revadece

    Soccer Mommy

    i think i lowkey forgot abt new album for a moment because soccer mommy’s music is always with me when i’m mentally dying and i’ve been doing “better” recently, lol. still looking forward to it!
  5. revadece

    Soccer Mommy

    the way i almost forgot she’s releasing new album tommorow so excited! i loved the singles
  6. idk if it’s just me, but her looking reminds me a bit of how she looked during the honeymoon phase !! obv stunning as always
  7. love + lust for life = cuteness overloaded so underrated tracks (not by the streams, but by the lack of appreciation from fandom). groupie love is also such a sweet one, i love the production
  8. have you heard any or are you assuming they’re bad? i wouldn’t complain about songs sounding like tulsa jesus freak (although i wouldn’t complain about anything, but specifically songs sounding like tulsa jesus freak because it’s not something very common in lana’s discography)
  9. (the order doesn’t really matter that much - for example i don’t think chemtrails is better than norman, lol. it’s more what i’m digging recently also organised in a way to make it “aesthetically pleasing”)
  10. change is actually the best song on lfl but you are not ready for this conversation
  11. uk?? we’re finally getting that fka twigs collab yasss
  12. revadece

    Song vs. Song

    swan song vs text book
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