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  1. this might be a new inspiration for me, beautiful omg
  2. HOLY SHIT ICE SPICE AND LANA DEL REY 😭 and i don’t even like ice spice but this is so funny to me lol
  3. i never realized how full her top lip looked like! she looks great, truly never ages
  4. revadece


    uh this song is so CLASSY i just can’t believe it’s unreleased
  5. i loove her her music is crazy but lovely
  6. this shit is insane i want to riot and the way neither lana or her management had posted an official statement regarding this entire situation, disappointing as fuck
  7. the metamorphosis by kafka shit so real it brought me flashbacks and i read 70% in one day, the book was consuming me not otherwise i also read it in polish which is my native language
  8. revadece

    Japanese Breakfast

    this makes me deeply sad.. posing in bondage (polyvinyl edition) is my all time most streamed song and both of the singles disappeared from everywhere for NO REASON
  9. revadece

    Japanese Breakfast

    is there a chance that somebody has high quality files of posing in bondage/2042 or maybe knows a discord link to a fandom where i could ask someone about that? these 2 songs were my all time favourites and they’re gone from all streaming platforms now, i could only find an re-upload on youtube, thank god for at least that…
  11. BLUE BANISTERS IS 2 YEARS? what the fuckk that’s so much, yet it makes sense considering how much has changed.. i was such a huge fan in the time of release of this album, i listened to it so much it might still be my favourite lana piece it’s so autumnal and spiritual and charming
  12. born to die would’ve been better if it wasn’t produced by emile haynie.. surely his production is what made it such a pop culture hit, but listening to without you amoeba live is another experience.. born to die live instrumental edition when
  13. breaking up slowly sounds seriously so good with this live arrangement, i wish the production on album version was also like that..
  14. she might had been high but she spoke the truth
  15. if you lie down with me music video, where are you baby
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