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  1. i would die if she covered alison by slowdive
  2. i didn’t want to listen to leaks, but since the whole album is already leaking, i just can’t wait i’m sorry here are my thoughts: and that’s all for now! i haven’t heard the other songs yet. overall my impressions are quite positive, but my favourite song is probably still the title track. i can’t wait to listen to the album in order, i think i can tell what insiders meant by “diverse but cohesive”
  3. probably unpopular opinion, but out of the singles title track is still my favourite one
  4. revadece

    Song vs. Song

    white dress vs without you
  5. i will pretend i didn’t hear anything so surprise can be actual surprise, i want to be shocked and blown away
  6. i think now it’s pretty obvious that blue banisters was rushed and all its flaws were intentional, that also makes sense with her saying saying that the next album is better than the last one around time she went for the variety awards, like it was obvious for her since the beginning.. but i just find it a bit weird that she thought it would be a great idea to release an album in such as way, and i think it’s a bit sad because blue banisters has so many songs that are my personal favourites from her whole discography, and just imagine if those songs would find their way on more cohesive records or were at least reworked properly.. for example thunder, it’s one of my favourite lana songs ever, but the album version sounds muffled and produced very unprofessionally… from my perspective as a fan, it’s just such a lost potential for big amount of great material, i can perceive that album as a compilation if even lana herself does, but i think many of blue banisters songs deserved more than just be on the compilation. however, if lana needed blue banisters as a storyteller and almost like a poetry album in her discography, then i guess it’s good for her that she could release it
  7. i’ve always been defender of thunder album version because i think the strings sound really beautiful and suit the composition very well, but holy shit the demo’s production sounds SO MUCH cleaner the album version is nice and has many aspects that i like, but it literally sounds muffled compared to the demo, and that “silenced” sounds from the demo going in the background feel so unprofessional
  8. lana and soccer mommy at once WHAT and alvvays too and ethel cain and alex g
  9. valley of the dolls has the same cinematic quality of wait for life
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