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  1. revadece


    damn i would love that i would maybe just switch few artists i don’t really listen to anymore
  2. that seems to be a great description of weyes blood music
  3. that sounds very much like lust for life though i’d rather the record to be cohesive
  4. i’m really glad that she acknowledged blue banisters anniversary, i can definitely see many ways in which this album would be important to her
  5. even though chemtrails may not seem like the most ‘outstanding’ project in lana’s discography, it has songs that are, in my opinion, some of her best career highlights. tulsa jesus freak, dark but just a game and dance till we die are some of my all time favourite lana songs. i feel like chemtrails had more potential to develop if it had more songs, but i also enjoy it as a smaller project, compared to the fuller norman
  6. i can’t believe this song doesn’t have an official release, it’s so beautiful and underrated
  7. this is not unpopular at all lol
  8. i talk to jesus pawn shop blues black bathing suit venice bitch change
  9. happy 3 years norman <3 this honestly might be my fav lana album, deserves all the recognition it gets (although i wish people would give this recognition equally to lana’s other records)
  10. reminds me of violet instrumentals
  11. seems like we’re not getting if you lie down with me music video anyone remembers?
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