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  1. Coney Island King


    June? lol gurl......msg me in 6 months i’m not waiting around that long.
  2. She posted a Biden image and republicans are DRAGGING her on Facebook. She can’t win from any angle lol.
  4. God that brown hair gives me actual pleasure.
  5. What reputation lol please, journalists TRASHED Lana from day fucking 1. They sided with her finally for one fucking album out of a nearly 10 year career and now that they don’t like all her awkward ramblings her “reputation” is over? Lol chiiile.....she had that “reputation” for 5 minutes so if people don’t want her to have it they can take it. If you don’t like how she’s conducting herself, fine, but let’s not act like she’s some beloved darling of the music world. She has a rabid fanbase and has always been extremely polarising by publications. At the highest peak early in her career critics trashed her albums and yet they still sold millions. SHE HAS NEVER NEEDED CRITICS AND IF THEY WANT TO START HATING HER ALBUMS AGAIN IT’S NOTHING SHE ISN’T USED TO. I actually don’t think the album will be panned personally, but she most certainly is a target for more criticism more and even though it’s all personal it will still come with the music reviews. It’s just the nature of journalism, if you don’t like her Whats a good way to show it? Give her a bad score. Across forums i visit the song is going down really well, even Fontana liked it and managed to ONLY review the music when he spoke about it, shockingly. She’s in no worse a space than any other “cancelled” celebrity, we get about 45 of them a year. Lana needs to shut up, Arnie Hammer is a cannibal, Azealia Banks boiled a cat.....another day another drama.
  6. It’s not so much her “looks” more that she fits a very stereotypical template that goes with her idiotic ramblings. As much as we pretend there isn’t a “vibe” that goes with it, there is.
  7. I didn’t know blonde rich bombshell werewolf in pearls was chola.....but ok.
  8. She’ll have a couple hits and vanish. She’s the new Camilla Cabello or whatever she was called. Her music is just budget Lorde/Billie.
  9. Because she needs attention.
  10. Me buying a boxset every era and complaining about how expensive it is and how little effort goes into it but still being excited about it and awaiting it’s arrival.
  11. It’s cute once or twice.
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