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  1. I expect a deluxe by the end of the year whether she likes it or not.
  2. Where is the deluxe with extra songs Allie?
  3. If this is his last album under his Weeknd name he needs Lana on there.
  4. She released a snippet of another track and it’s a bop.
  5. Second best song on the album tbh.
  6. Do i need to say sorry for saying tiktok is shit? I am an old millennial i can’t help it
  7. I follow this page, it's actually WILD lol.
  8. He is literally the walking dead at this point with the stuttering and forgetting and fumbling. Sadly, i don't think anyone is going to be able to knock the wind out of the Trump wagon for President. Not that the dems shouldn't try, but i feel bad for anyone taking over from Biden because the psychotic brigade for Trump are everywhere it seems and they are only duplicating.
  9. Link me to your tiktok now so i can downvote everything!
  10. The sooner the world aims a giant bazooka to that app the better. It's so embarrassing.
  11. You may want to read more posts, because i literally posted about how much i love Apple only a few days ago. How much i like Tough with Quava, how much i liked Katy Perry's Witness album, how much i love the new Tomb Raider Remasters, how much i like the new Sophie song, and how much i am loving the new Billie album. I can link you to them all if you like?
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