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  1. Coney Island King


    She wants custody of Megatron Zipline or whatever it’s called. Has she got custody of Evil Xrama and 54321, or whatever their names are?
  2. She looks like she’s going to a funeral to try and find a husband. I love it.
  3. Coney Island King


    It sounds like a good Kim Petras album. Something Kim hasn’t delivered in years
  4. I hope the knives are real. Queen x
  5. Since she’s so messy and extra this era, she better be polishing up that Wet Vagina music video
  6. She def dropped the pop for this album. Album is good. Agora Hills, Can't Wait, Skull and Bones, Gun, Vagina, Attention, Demons.....i live.
  7. Lana Del Rey wasted potential? Gurl BYE.
  8. Got my Sugababes Lost Tapes vinyl. Kind of flimsy packaging? very thin outer cover, tears easy. Disappointed tbh. Should have been gatefold and had a better paper used imo. Sigh, the design itself is nice though.
  9. They forgot to ask: “So we getting AKA and unreleased music or not Queen?”
  10. Coney Island King


    Or her Book 1 Grimes era
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