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  1. I have to agree. Like it or not, this is where she is heading for good i feel.
  2. Because it drops off at the end tbh and overall it's just not an exciting album/era. Definitely some great songs though.
  3. 1 Born To Die 2 NFR 3 Ultraviolence 4 Paradise 5 Honeymoon 6 Ocean Blvd 7 Lust for Life 8 Blue Bannisters 9 COCC
  4. The way this has creeped into my all time top 10 from her.
  5. I didn’t expect to read “dilated anus” this early in the morning.
  6. After hearing the album 24 times my fav song is officially Candy Necklace. Followed by A&W and Paris Texas. Thank yew.
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