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  1. Missing Summer is disgusting.
  2. Coney Island King


  3. Coney Island King


    It’s just boring at this point. Gurl move the fuck along.
  4. Coney Island King


    I’m glad we are getting Shini and i’m sure i’ll love it, but the hype for it passed long ago tbh. When is the album out? She’s dragging this out…
  5. Lana watching her new single play on Euphoria while the youth of today have sex, sell drugs, show their dicks, shoot guns on tv
  6. Just listened to Truth Is for the first time. Omg wtf it’s such a good album.
  7. Coney Island King


    Shini Eyes will be out Jan 26 as part of some video game thing, i don’t understand wtf it all means, but it’s out then.
  8. I literally hate her family. Especially that Jamie Lynn idiot that can’t shut her fucking mouth.
  9. I thought i was banned when i first saw the site down page
  10. Me before being able to follow honeymoon: ”This is stupid, and all this secret club shit is annoying for the fans, Lana needs to stop”. Me after finally getting into honeymoon: ”I love being in this secret club, I’m literally one of the chosen”.
  11. It’s open right now, Lord jesus i now follow honeymoon lol
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