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  1. i think a lot of people want a reason to blame someone who isn't lana when in reality it's probably her. she gave us the date and then gave us no update. she never promoted her single or gave us a date. we damn well know ben and ed have historically told her to change covers when they're ugly. i'm sure they would love for all of their artists to rake in money - its GREAT to have in their portfolio of artists - but the more we go on the more its just looking like it's lana. i have a feeling she was over-managed or over-directed during the Paradise era, and started to find strain with ultraviolence, and eventually it came to a head with the honeymoon era. visually and sonically i'm sure she had a LOT of input in the BTD/Paradise era - some of the stuff she was producing in that era could only have come from someone as eclectic as lana. but man, remember how much work she was doing? around 100 tour dates, an entire album, deluxe album and expansion EP, endless amounts ten minute music videos, an entire short film, countless TV performances, film soundtracks...and eventually that all came to a head when she was sick on tour, talking about how depressed she was in interviews and eventually admitting that sometimes she's suicidal during the Ultraviolence era. i think she began pulling back and eventually pulled right back until we barely even got a tour during the HM era. from there is seems her record label are less trying to control her (she makes money regardless of whether or not the singles are doing well) and more letting her take the drivers seat. much to an organisational dismay. ben and ed said it best themselves everytimes they've cautioned us that lana is simply her own person, creating her own art in her own world. we're just peering in.
  2. omg look at me i'm so edgy and shocked that ben blocked me because i decided to go onto social media and abuse a man after he was assaulted and robbed because apparently in 2020 i'm a lana stan that still loves to pretend i'm fourteen when i'm actually twenty two
  3. electra

    Song vs. Song

    the greatest vs cinnamon girl
  4. idk why some of you are like "omg ben is so sad fighting with her young fans"...um you're all grown ass adults, stop harassing him.
  5. some clothes aren’t always “flattering” in the traditional sense but girl jeans are jeans it’s literally just a style of trouser with a fabric. she is wearing the most basic skinny jeans ever. it is literally the most universal piece of clothing i have ever seen in my life. the only thing that could make this more basic is a t shirt. everyone suits t-shirts. there’s no one on planet earth i’ve ever looked at and gone damn you really shouldn’t wear shirts. or hoodies. or socks. some fashion IS universal.
  6. what do you mean she doesn’t suit JEANS everyone suits JEANS they’re JEANS
  7. honestly lana can really do any sound if her back catalog has told us anything
  8. @wraith had a really good way of doing it, but i would just say a nice foil overlay like @Dominikx4 said then a little bit of dark and light yellow gradients blended to give it a more 3d feel
  9. potentially? she bought the rights for AKA for sure but i remember fairly recently in either some kind of interview with her or her management or SOMETHING they said something along the lines of she’s happy in her record contract and she has no plans of leaving (source unsure?) or something like that. interesting thing to note tho: a lot of her merch releases are just copyright of lana del rey, except one shirt from the paradise tour where the print reads copyright elizabeth grant.
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