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  1. another thing: the album signings she did during the honeymoon era! BRING THAT FUCKING BACK!!!!111
  2. i don't know the specifics but i think that's something along the lines of what blackoutzone said on atrl?
  3. this is so random i just remembered this out of nowhere but i can’t believe we have that photo of lana getting a spa treatment
  4. get well soon! white dress is apparently the 26th of feb. we have three more versions of the album on vinyl to get allegedly and more cassettes and apparently more covers. still have signed merch/prints to be released too! but its all a waiting game rn
  5. livenation can handle me over some damn european vip merch while they're at it then!
  6. a virtual pop up - like the ldrsurfshop.com (but with less shit shipping times)
  7. this might be dumb but i really hope she does some kind of virtual pop-up shop. the lfl and nfr ones were really cool. even if she's not really there it's always a nice event.
  9. reminder the NFR merch was pretty meh until the surf shop and it was only released in drabs. she's done that for the past few eras - they have a small amount of launch merch and then keep irregularly releasing random shit until the era is over. i mean they even kind of did it with violet.
  10. i would actually argue that things like the box are probably a really big part of her vision. it's not plastic, they're special stones with holy woods, etc. considering her artistic development with wanting to be "witchy" it completely makes sense. and yeah, they're expensive but they're actually really lovely looking collector's boxes - and hopefully the wood and stones were sourced ethically. from what i've seen of other people's pictures they look completely worth it. i would say every era she's had something well representative of the era. flasks and lighters, coke necklace spoons, lyric bibles, all the surf merch from NFR. i don't think her merch is as bad as people want to make out.
  11. i mean, on the flipside this is a forum. you're not just suppose to bump threads with repetitive content, spam and gifs even if a lot of the users do it here. i don't need to log in for a month and see the same content over and over again. (but that's generally a bigger issue with the running of the site, and elle has been working on that anyway)
  12. my reply meant, to be it very simply, that i don't want to come onto a discussion board and see the same moany content for three weeks. get it?
  13. "its been two weeks and i still hate the album cover!!!!!111"
  14. its been two weeks i really don't want to keep going into threads with people being like i hate the album cover and you must listen to my version of why i hate this!!!! like girl walkaway who cares its been two weeks and its the album cover forever bury the hatchet.
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