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  1. Well i figured at this rate it would be leaking within the next 3 days so I genuinely didn't think yall would be waiting long . I'm not one of the "leakers" that do shit for attention. When you got those leaks in 2020, did I tease you or let you know I had em? No. I just dropped it bc it was a big F U to the leakers who crave attention and tease shit for months if not years on end. So the reason I'm mad is bc I feel like you're making me out to be someone I'm not. I'm one of you, and I just wanted to join in on the fun. I do sincerely apologize for my miscalculations. I really felt like it would be leaked in full by Saturday night anyway.
  2. So now I'm on mod queue bc yall wanna be irritating. So no, don't expect a review. And it lowkey hurts bc i was excited to finally be able to discuss with those who listened to the leaks about whether fingertips and sweet are as good as you all say :/ also if anyone uploads anything that says hmd exclusive it's NOT me. Some people don't understand sarcasm I suppose. Call me dramatic whatever blah blah. I love interacting with most of you. But I'll catch you on the 24th I guess
  3. Wait hold tf up I literally said I was joking about leaking. Why tf would I leak the album after already having a whole investigation on me and my friends with the 2020 leaks. Bffr. And NO I'm not uploading anything to [removed], not even to joke with yall. Whoever is doing that is setting me up. We predicted this 3 pages ago. mod note: don't say where to find leaks
  4. Baby I been throwing back whipped cream vodka in my room for 3 hours don't take anything I say seriousle for the nexy 12 hourss
  5. Yea see that scared me bc I genuinely skip love Song every time ssndjudiee it's so ground level to me.
  6. I claimed Sweet. Before I listen, can someone take an educated guess at whether I'll love it? For an example of my taste, Beautiful (strings version) - I really love the lyrics, melody and piano. The topic of the song also hits me pretty hard. Being at a point in a relationship where you're ready to walk away but giving them one last chance to take you as you are. From the lyrics ive seen, I get a strong feeling this one will hit me. Idk if that's enough to help gauge my taste Edit: I also really love the invisible part of AW. Hits close to home. Hope that helps determine any suggestions
  7. The fact that I truly believed her filming an entire music video with Clay only for them to break up and scrap it was the messiest it could possibly get...
  8. It was more like But the point is, we live and we learn! ANYWAY! Got my friend who's not a stan, but enjoys some of her music (he LOVES A&W) to listen to Fingertips and Sweet. He said it's boring...which means I'm gonna absolutely love it always good to keep a hetero who listens to the radio on hand.
  9. @Sportscruiser hey babe I have a plus one to the listening party, are you free? Im sure theres something we can work out
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