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  1. landeath


    My very first love... Miss her so much sometimes. btw, MP in my dms
  2. landeath


    The vocals in the Kimbra track!!!!!!!!!!! Goddess is alive and breathing
  3. landeath

    Iggy Azalea

    Leak Boss Bitch and Problem remix from EOAE tour in og quality. Those yt rip leaks ARE TRASH
  4. landeath

    Weyes Blood

    I jumped when I saw it. Also Bruna Surfistinha was my husband almost hitting her head at the end of the concert in Brazil😭
  5. landeath


    this? if yes, it's fake
  6. landeath


    I wish 🥲🥲🥲 Well we still have time... LEAK MEDITATION SONG NON RADIO RIP
  7. landeath

    Lady Gaga

    this is so fake there's a demo instrumental snippet from gagavision only @LunaeManifestum
  8. landeath


    it's a real song that unfortunately we only have a radio rip
  9. landeath

    Ethel Cain

    @bigspender thank you so much for the files <3 I'm not active on this thread but I believe I read the 98 pages lol btw can't wait for more
  10. 2024 would be perfect if this happens
  11. can we please get pussy and pink flamingos pls
  12. where is a good soul to rip the bonus track 'keep me from dreaming' from the Be Here Soon tour version CD?
  13. landeath

    Iggy Azalea

    It's more than time to leak cheeks untagged and the other DD tracks
  14. landeath

    Lady Gaga

    Thank you btw! The gaga leaked stuff has always been a mess, but yeah i do believe some it has been faked lol
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