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  1. landeath


    Siren Song supremacy
  2. landeath

    Kali Uchis

    Angels and Lovers
  3. landeath


    a 4 track ep would be more than fair to me my truth about serpentina is: the songs have a very poor production, her voice in most of them sucks (i really don't like when she makes this nasal voice all the time) and the lyrics are not so interesting like in the old songs. i was really happy when she released the devil, because somehow it reminded me how good the ''fuck with myself'' days were. i didn't like skinnydipped at first, but everything went worse aftrer ''i still love you''. even iii wasn't so good to me, to be honest - the mastering is one of the worst i've ever heard, sometimes i feel like my headphones/speakers are going to explode lol but the album is good btw. anyway, that is my opinion. i'm a goddess/the altar girl and i really miss how incredible and creative she was back then and you can call me stucked because it's true.
  4. landeath

    Weyes Blood

    there's a masterpost a few pages back
  5. they need to understand they need to release it NOW
  6. landeath


    I believe ''Chill'' is the final version of ''Best Friends'' and not a demo of it since it has ''REF'' on the file name. Usually REF files are the final versions or the closest to it.
  7. landeath


    love some demo instrumentals and acapellas!!
  8. landeath


    post it king
  9. landeath


  10. landeath


    I Want More I Believe in Love Over My Dead Body Know Loon Worry You Don’t Know Me Like That Cocanium Oath NG From You’ve Lost the Spark All Of Me Hands On Me
  11. landeath


    Yes, I'm sure they're the same. It really sounds like a SOHN production and I doubt she would do a rework of it with the same producer... And thank you!!!! I hope you can find it!
  12. landeath


    Actually ''Siren Song'' was supposed to appear in the London EP/Goddess. It's registered and teased since then, produced by SOHN. And besides ''Shadow'' was exported by a Logic PRo 9.1.8, it's a The Altar song (also being registered + teased on twitter post Goddess). I don't understand how she scrapped those btw
  13. landeath


    or shadow. that song is just too good to be an unreleased btw do you have meditation song non radio rip? people are dying over here
  14. landeath


    wow shadow and deathwish are really that bitch!!! thank you for them all! @AudioLust songs i'd love to listen to: Loon, Know, Over My Dead Body, Cocanium, I Want More, Worry, You Don't Know Me Like That, You've Lost the Spark and I Believe in Love
  15. lmfao now its explained. i havent check the leaks yet thats why i was just ??? for a moment
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